The 2022 Kalona Bluegrass Festival

Our classmate Jackie (Dague) Nicholson attended the 2022 Kalona Bluegrass Festival, and shared quite a few videos of our beloved troubadour and banjoist Paul Roberts. Paul performed with the groups The McPunk Brothers, The Great Bluegrass Herons, and Banjoy.

Paul with The McPunk Brothers

The McPunk Brothers include Paul on Banjo, Keith Yoder on Mandolin and Guitar (Paul’s cousin), Daryl Yoder on Bass (Paul’s cousin and Keith’s brother), Mark Wilson (married to Paul’s cousin Janet Lackender Wilson).

Wade in the Water

Paul with The Great Bluegrass Herons

The Great Bluegrass Herons include Paul Roberts on banjo, Julie Roberts (Paul’s wife) on bass fiddle, Mark Wilson (on guitar) and Janet (Lackender) Wilson (vocals) from the West High Class of 1972.

Life is Like a Mountain Railway
Let the Light Shine Down on Me

Paul and The Great Bluegrass Herons playing songs Paul wrote

Cabin by the Roadside
Light on the Western Horizon
Moth and Rust

Paul Playing with Banjoy

Banjoy includes Paul Roberts on bass fiddle, Bob Black on banjo, Christi Black on guitar, Mark Wilson on guitar, and Tom Schaefer on fiddle.

Paul with Banjoy
Paul Swingin’ the Bass with Banjoy
Paul Singing with Banjoy
Banjoy: Instrumental Song
Banjoy: Home Sweet Home (There’s no place like home)