How We Have Fun

This page is where we share this things we love to do. We will share your passion projects, hobbies, and other cool stuff you want to share here.

Our Sports

  • Patty (Kennedy) McBride-Fedder’s “Did You Know”
    Hi Dave ,  Did you know?? The NFL San Francisco 49ers have George Kittle as a tight end and the receiver for Brock Purdy (Iowa State).  I had noooo idea that he actually graduated from IC West High 2012 till tonight when my husband told me. omg!  Patty 
  • Jeff Hartzler and the 50th RAGBRAI
    Good morning Dave. I just got back from riding the 50th anniversary RAGBRAI. RAGBRAI was started in 1973 by John Karras and Donald Kaul, reporters for the Des Moines Register. They invited a few friend to ride their bicycles across Iowa from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River. 120 people made that first ride. ...
  • Dave Gerlits Loves to Zumba
    I don’t dance at full throttle anymore, due to issues with my ankles, but I still love it. Here is my favorite routine. This was one that the teachers asked me to lead – because I brought so much energy and enthusiasm to it. Enjoy!
  • Edith Sieg Loves to Kayak
    Edith at the start of the Des Plaines River canoe and kayak Marathon about 2011 I think. Start was in Libertyville, IL. Edith Sieg participating in the 2011 Des Plaines River canoe and kayak marathon

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