Yearbook Senior Photos

We’re offering the senior pictures from our yearbook for those classmates who have lost their yearbooks, or who were unable to buy one.

We’re offering these pictures as a series of Adobe Acrobat PDF files, one for each page of photos. Please be warned that these files are between 450K and 1 Mb in size.

Each page is listed by the first and last classmate on the page. Any classmates who are missing did not include a picture in the 1973 EPIC.

William Ackerman through Mark Blakely

Carla Blaug though Margaret Eginton

Elizabeth Elliott through Mark Golden

Mary Gorius through Rodica Ionasescu

Becky Irvin through Gregory Leichty

James Lenoch through Molly Mortenson

Karl Moscrip through Karen Ranshaw

Jeffrey Rathmel through Leanne Shank

Robin Shapiro through Karen Villhauer

John Waite through Michael Young