Sue Hansen Surgery

Classmate Sue Hansen shared this update with us. Please hold Sue in your thoughts in whatever way is right for you.

I have some news that I’ve shared with family and some friends.  Many of you know I’ve had a challenging year, losing my mom then my brother unexpectedly.  I’ve also had several other family deaths.  In May,  when my brother died,  I had a severe UTI that took many days to clear enough to further test. My great doctor further tested with a CT scan,  referring me to specialists in Iowa City.  After having a MRI and other tests, I learned I have a barely functioning kidney complicated by a mass on top. Is it cancer? We don’t know yet  

So this week on Tuesday I’ll have a Covid test, followed by removal of my kidney and mass on Wednesday July 27th at 12:30 PM. It’s a four hour surgery,  1 night in the hospital and no lifting for a month. My sister and I  have been working hard to finish  both estates prior to my surgery. I  doubt if that will happen but at least most of the lifting and hard work will be done. Please keep me in your thoughts as I  go through another challenge. Thank you and much love❤