Alaskan visitor

Hi Dave: 
Thought I’d share the little West High gathering we had earlier today.

Janet Gregory came back to Iowa City for a visit from her home in Alaska and found a few hours to get together. Janet, Sue Davison and Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger caught up on the latest over the past several years. Janet and Nancy became friends way back in kindergarten and then we met Sue in 7th grade. Lots of laughter and memories shared. We even pulled in Carla (Blaug) Kestler via FaceTime from California for a bit. It was a walk down memory lane.

Take care,

Sue (Davison) Haigh, Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger, and Janet Gregory

The 2022 Kalona Bluegrass Festival

Our classmate Jackie (Dague) Nicholson attended the 2022 Kalona Bluegrass Festival, and shared quite a few videos of our beloved troubadour and banjoist Paul Roberts. Paul performed with the groups The McPunk Brothers, The Great Bluegrass Herons, and Banjoy.

Paul with The McPunk Brothers

The McPunk Brothers include Paul on Banjo, Keith Yoder on Mandolin and Guitar (Paul’s cousin), Daryl Yoder on Bass (Paul’s cousin and Keith’s brother), Mark Wilson (married to Paul’s cousin Janet Lackender Wilson).

Wade in the Water

Paul with The Great Bluegrass Herons

The Great Bluegrass Herons include Paul Roberts on banjo, Julie Roberts (Paul’s wife) on bass fiddle, Mark Wilson (on guitar) and Janet (Lackender) Wilson (vocals) from the West High Class of 1972.

Life is Like a Mountain Railway
Let the Light Shine Down on Me

Paul and The Great Bluegrass Herons playing songs Paul wrote

Cabin by the Roadside
Light on the Western Horizon
Moth and Rust

Paul Playing with Banjoy

Banjoy includes Paul Roberts on bass fiddle, Bob Black on banjo, Christi Black on guitar, Mark Wilson on guitar, and Tom Schaefer on fiddle.

Paul with Banjoy
Paul Swingin’ the Bass with Banjoy
Paul Singing with Banjoy
Banjoy: Instrumental Song
Banjoy: Home Sweet Home (There’s no place like home)

Mike Reed on Super Bowl Sunday

Hey Webmaster Dave, it’s Mike Reed. Was it Barbara Streisand and the soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar?

Got another music email this morning. A friend sent out a forward for a 1972 song by Graham Nash and David Crosby, Immigration Man. It still rings true, check it out.

Tonight is The Super Bowl, besides lots of football, food and beer. The commercials! Watch for the Mexican Avocado commercial. I worked on it, and one of the actresses “Ann” is from Iowa City and went to Regina. It’s a small world. By the way, who are you rooting for in the game?

If you want to post any of this please do. Like to hear from others about the game and the commercials. Take care,

Pat Vaughan – Bill Ackerman Endorsement

Hi Dave,

I’ve been in Iowa the last few days sorting through my parent’s house with my sister and preparing for an estate sale later this month. Bill Ackerman was kind enough to stop by to share his expertise on antique appraisals.

Bill’s knowledge of antiques is vast, sensible and current. We found it such a treat to have him discussing the histories and values of various items from old crocks to bedroom sets to a 100+ year old wood baking powder barrel my mother bought at an auction years ago. As soon as my sister heard how much it was worth she decided to keep it. It was fascinating. Really, he should have his own TV show – “Ackerman Knows Antiques!”

One 80-90 year old item caught Bill’s eye and we came to an agreement on a price. My mother had had it since she was a little girl. Bill will find it a good home, I’m sure.


Patrick Vaughan

Pat Vaughan and Bill Ackerman

Missi Strub Update

Hi Dave,

I mosied up to Rhinebeck, NY this afternoon to see this great show, the Rhinebeck, NY Country Living Fair, full of lots of artists, antiques & fun! Pat Vaughan was here and his booth of specialty cargo bags made from Midwestern feed & grain sacks was truly spectacular!

(Webmaster note: if you are interested in seeing the bags, make sure you click on the “sold items” on the Etsy site.)

Looking forward to the reunion in July!

Best wishes,
Missi Strub

Dave Gerlits and Deb Dee

Deb Dee called me from the road late Sunday afternoon, and said she was 2 exits away from me on the interstate. Deb and I have both lived in Massachusetts for over 20 years, have corresponded by email, and had some nice long phone conversations, but had never managed to meet face to face.

Deb was driving back home from a workshop/training seminar in Providence RI taught by a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Brennan Healing Science is system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of a person’s life.

When Deb called, Bobbi, Bessie, Isaiah and I were at McDonald’s, where we often take Isaiah to run, jump, and play on Sunday. I invited Deb to join us at the McDonald’s play place. Deb got to meet Bobbi, Bessie and Isaiah, and we had a lovely time talking energy healing, co-housing, and other topics that we were all interested in. Um, well, not Isaiah. He was having fun on the climbing, sliding, and jumping structures.

We were glad we finally were able to get together after all these years, and I was delighted to have her meet my family. We even made some tentative plans to get our moms together for a visit the week I’m out there for the reunion.

Dave Gerlits and Deb Dee