Alaskan visitor

Hi Dave: 
Thought I’d share the little West High gathering we had earlier today.

Janet Gregory came back to Iowa City for a visit from her home in Alaska and found a few hours to get together. Janet, Sue Davison and Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger caught up on the latest over the past several years. Janet and Nancy became friends way back in kindergarten and then we met Sue in 7th grade. Lots of laughter and memories shared. We even pulled in Carla (Blaug) Kestler via FaceTime from California for a bit. It was a walk down memory lane.

Take care,

Sue (Davison) Haigh, Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger, and Janet Gregory

An Unexpected Stamp Related Meet-up

Classmate Ruth Jurgens Noth brought her Mom to the Cedar Rapids Stamp Club Picnic on Monday night, July 10, 2023, and was surprised and delighted to find that fellow classmates Kim Persons and Deb Gardner Persons were there as well. Kim is a member of the Stamp Club and Deb came along for a fun evening out.

The three classmates declared this a “Post-Reunion Get Together” and commemorated the event with a photo.

Kim Persons, Ruth Jurgens Noth, and Deb Gardner Persons

Women of West: Reunion Breakfast

Cheri McCabe HochstetlerJanet Pate Barber, and Linda Vedepo Scotthosted the event on Saturday, June 24th 2023 at 9 AM-11 AM. It took place at  Dwell Home Furnishings, on Highway 6 at the corner of 12th Ave.

Top to Bottom: Katie Collins Bretz, Karen Davies Leibold, Jackie Dague, Deb Barnes Rogers, Laura Walters Anspach, Alice Barker Miller, Debbie Dee, Julie Rogers, Julie Kent Larson, Betsy Elliot Stough, Cheri McCabe Hochstetler, Janet Powers Metzger, Brenda Schrock Bradley, Holly Richardson, Mary Balmer, Kathy Schrock Olin, Missi Strub, Nancy Hug Montier, Sara Muller, Janet Pate Barber, Judy Becker Bryant.

John Kaelber 3 Day Golf Reunion

Thought I’d share a photo with you taken recently on a 3-day golf weekend/reunion spent at Eagle Ridge in Galena, Illinois, with West High graduates, two from class of “73” and three from “72”. Care to make any guesses to identities?

Four of us grew up together, living in the same neighborhood, since grade school at Lincoln elementary, and have been able to stay in touch all these years. So, from left to right…Dave Fomon, John Phelan, Chad Dore, Mike Paul, and myself. We rented a large house on the golf course, had a great time eating, drinking, and laughing until our sides ached about the “Old Days”. 

Ok, feel I’m starting to ramble on so I’ll wrap this up by saying have a great retirement, stay healthy, and enjoy every minute of it.


J. Kaelber