John Kaelber 3 Day Golf Reunion

Thought I’d share a photo with you taken recently on a 3-day golf weekend/reunion spent at Eagle Ridge in Galena, Illinois, with West High graduates, two from class of “73” and three from “72”. Care to make any guesses to identities?

Four of us grew up together, living in the same neighborhood, since grade school at Lincoln elementary, and have been able to stay in touch all these years. So, from left to right…Dave Fomon, John Phelan, Chad Dore, Mike Paul, and myself. We rented a large house on the golf course, had a great time eating, drinking, and laughing until our sides ached about the “Old Days”. 

Ok, feel I’m starting to ramble on so I’ll wrap this up by saying have a great retirement, stay healthy, and enjoy every minute of it.


J. Kaelber

Pat, Deb, and Becki

Becki (Gilpin) Milne wrote (13 Jan 2017):

Hi David,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Happy new year!

Here’s a picture taken of Pat, Deb and me today at a cafe in Fairfield. Deb and I drove down to visit friends and participate in an event in the Golden Dome on campus. We met Patrick for coffee this morning.

It was such a warm hearted visit, including Patrick reminiscing about his kindergarten crush on Deb Dee. Adorable!!!!


Patrick, Becki and Deb in Fairfield, IA

Women of West ’73 Mini-Gathering

Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger wrote

Another mini-Women of West ’73 gathering today in North Liberty. (From left to right) Kathy (Murphy) Debruyn, Sue Davison, Janet Gregory, Debbie (Harris) Albertson, me, and Laura (Reddick) Hershberger. Kathy, Janet, Laura and me have been friends since kindergarten! That’s more than 55 years! What a fun and nostalgic time. Thanks Janet for planning this all the way from Anchorage, Alaska.

(From left to right) Kathy (Murphy) Debruyn, Sue Davison, Janet Gregory, Debbie (Harris) Albertson, Nancy Masbruch Olinger, and Laura (Reddick) Hershberger.

West High Ladies of 1973 Potluck

Debbie (Gardner) Persons and Bonnie wrote

As we previously announced, Debbie (Gardner) Persons hosted another West High Ladies of 1973 Potluck at her house this last Satuday. Bonnie reported that they had a great time, and they had a special appearance by Phyllis Urban, one of our gym teachers.

Here are the photos Bonnie shared with us of the occasion. Enjoy!

Becki Gilpin Visit to Fairfield

Hi Dave –

Becki Gilpin visited Fairfield Iowa this week and Mark Zanger and I were lucky enough to have lunch with her. Doug Hamilton (Jennifer McQueen’s husband and Iowa City native) joined in. We traced our TM genealogy to Kurt Vonnegut’s daughter who brought the first TM lectures to Iowa City. Becki, Mark and Doug became TM teachers.


Mark Zanger, Doug Hamilton, Becki Gilpin, Pat Vaughan

Deb and Kim Persons’ 20-40-60 Party

Deb and Kim’s daughters threw them a 20, 40, 60 party this summer:

  • 20 years in each of their careers
  • 40 years anniversary of marriage
  • 60 years of life on the planet

Deb also hosted a “Big Six Oh Party” for any and all of the Women of Troy who share the same number of years on earth.

Persons’ 20-40-60 Party

Deb had a great turnout, and here is who attended:

Back row from left to right:
Deb Nortmann Tyer, Jackie Dague Nicholson, Mary Kay (Gorius) Kray, Sara Muller, Brenda (Schrock) Bradley, Karen (Peak) Lenth, Laura (Reddick) Hershberger

Middle row from left to right:
Deb Persons, Deb Dee, Karen Villhauer Michalec

Front row:
Bonnie Weldon, Katie Collins Bretz