A Vision Related Public Service Announcement

I’m sharing this news as a public service announcement, because I want everyone to know how important it is to immediately seek help from an ophthalmologist if you see a sudden increase in “floaters” or “flashes” in your vision. These can be signs of issues with your retina which respond well to treatment if caught early.

I’m home today, awaiting the next step in a process. I have a condition with my eyes called “lattice degeneration” and I am prone to retina detachment. Yesterday morning I suddenly saw a lot of new “floaters” in my eyes. Actually, they looked more like the ribbons that the rhythmic gymnastics athletes use, like a teeny little gymnast was performing in my eyeball.

I have already had laser surgery on this eye to reattach my retina a few years ago, so I knew “the drill.” I left work immediately, called the ophthalmologist for an emergency appointment, and Bobbi brought me to his office. He sent me immediately to a retina specialist. This event was worse than the last one, because the doctor could not see my retina due to the cloudiness in my “vitreous humor.” I’m going back today for a followup appointment, and hopefully he will be able to see what is wrong.
As I said, I’m sharing this in the spirit of letting you know how important it is to get this treated right away.

One thought on “A Vision Related Public Service Announcement”

  1. Jeff Bagford Replied:

    I have started to have Ocular Migraines which temporarily effect vision but last only a few minutes to an hour. But I second Dave’s thinking, don’t mess around with your eyes. My wife had a central retinal vein occlusion and now can’t see very well in one eye. I had Iritis (Anterior Uveitus) and if hadn’t gone to Eye Doc quickly might have had my iris stuck on one position.

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