Mark Ferguson Remembers John deSalme


Thank you for posting about John doSalmes passing. He was a good band instructor and encouraged me to switch from clarinet to Bass Clarinet and Contra-bass Clarinet in our concert band. He also encouraged me to switch over to Baritone Saxophone for Jazz band, one type of music I really enjoyed, and that switch was paramount in my musical journey. I loved Bari-Sax so much that I joined the Iowa State University Cyclone ‘Varsity’ Marching Band as their very FIRST marching Bari-Sax player.  I am still a member of the ISU Alumni Marching Band to this day and often see people from West High, like Julie Kent Larson in the audience.

I often wondered if John was still directing bands somewhere.  He gave me the gift of music and I still enjoy playing every year in the ISU Alumni Marching Band. I even have a vanity licence plate that reads, “BAR1SAX” in liew of being the FIRST bari-sax marching band member and alumni member.  

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Mark Ferguson