Allergies and Asthma Support

Long ago, 1989/1990 my daughter became so sick with allergy caused Asthma, that at age 1 1/2 she was in an oxygen tent and tugging unhappily on the medical transfusions entering her bloodstream in the hospital. At that point no one could guarantee me that she would live to see her second birthday. Since then I have learned much about allergies and asthma. Today she is nearing her 35th birthday and is healthy. She is a lifelong athlete (I wonder where she got that from 🤔😂) having had success in Tae Kwon Do, Scholarship Diver at a Big Ten School Northwestern, and now is an expert on Beach Volleyball, both as an athlete and coach. If you have questions about allergies or asthma, may be I can help.

Edith Sieg