Ruth (Jurgens) Noth’s Clean Sweep

Friday I got up and had the wild hair to get my garage cleaned out. Took everything out to the driveway, wisk broomed all the cob webs and spider eggs off of everything. Took the leaf blower and blew out everything on the floor. Took the broom and got the masonry work on the lower foot of the garage where spiders like to hide in the crevices.  Got everything I could placed on the wall or the ledge of the masonry. I have holed board all over my garage. My dad and I shortly after we moved here, insulated the garage and put the holed board up, so you can use hooks all over the two walls. The only items on my garage floor now are the lawn care products I’ll use before winter, an air compressor, lawn mower, snow blower, and snow melt and oil dry products containers on wheels. Everything got put up and hopefully will have less spider webs and eggs in them being on the wall. I’ll take a photo before sending this and attach it.

I’m ready to house my son’s 20 year old Camry for the winter. Mom will have enough room to get into and out of the car in the garage now. I had a large tool box that could be padlocked that my sister and her husband dumped on me last time they were here. They have the habit of doing that – cleaning out their extended van and leaving things behind for us to sell, give away or donate and get rid of. A neighbor came down and asked if I was going to keep my last two birch tree logs I had in the garage. I said no, and she gladly took them with her. I asked her if she could use a nice tool box that could be locked – it’s about 18 inches deep, 18 inches high and about 3 feet long – very sturdy plastic of some sort – black. Her new man friend is a handy man and she took it for him. I was so glad I didn’t have to put an ad up on market place and haul it to the local HyVee Drugstore to exchange it for money. LOL

I’m so sore from all the work – about 4 hours and I still have to organize the shelving better – rags and rugs aren’t folded as neatly any more so want to do a little bit with that yet today and then I’m done. I bombed the garage yesterday afternoon with a bug bomb to clear out any critters that didn’t get blown out with the leaf blower. Most of them will be happy to have survived before the bombing. LOL  I know spiders are good, but I don’t want that many in my garage making a mess of my tools. LOL

Not much planned for today other than the shelf cleaning. My oldest and his 2 little ones, 2 yrs and 7 mos., came yesterday and ended up staying from 10 until 7. It was a long day. He usually doesn’t stay that long, but I had enough heavy things to enlist his help with, that I let him stay for both lunch and dinner, giving his wife a much needed break.

Mom is working on a 500 piece puzzle I have no interest in, so I’ll enjoy movies today. 

Oh – went to a garage estate sale run by the family yesterday. Picked up some great items. I love sales. I thought my days of buying big stuff was over, but I ended up getting a new DVD container. I had recently gone through my old one and pulled out everything I didn’t want anymore or wouldn’t watch – many of Tom’s favorites were in it and we had very different taste. I gave much of his faves to my sons – complete set of TV series of Star Trek, all of Monty Python’s material. More photos below of good finds. The copper set on the wood rack are measuring devices – I’ve never seen anything like it – 1/4 to one cup measuring cups in copper and metal, and copper scoops for teaspoon amounts and a table spoon scoop. I’ll shine them up and put the rack on my kitchen wall. I sure didn’t need it, but I’d never seen anything like it and had to have it. $10 – a good deal I thought.  The baby buggy for my granddaughter, I got free from our church! Little Tykes!