John R. McLure Update

Here is a news article that shows how West High rates in comparison to 1) other schools nationally and 2) other schools in Iowa.

The West High Marching Band has new uniforms this year. The marching band will wear these proudly at the home football game this Friday night, provided that the game does not get rained out.

West High’s baseball team made it all the way to the state championship this past summer, but unfortunately we lost the final game. (Hey… being #2 in the state ain’t bad!)

Another bit of news related to the local school district: Budget cuts have caused some changes. A bunch of faculty and staff positions have been cut. The teaching of German is being phased out; there are no new first-year students entering the pipeline for German. The only German classes being taught are for those students who have already been studying German. The entire German program will be discontinued district-wide once these remaining students finish out.

That’s all the news for now.

– John R. McLure