Don Rinehart Retirement Thoughts and Update

Dave :

Once again, thanks for all you do keeping our class together.

In response to your retirement query, I think the most important thing you can do is keep busy with something, part time work, hobby- etc.  I have been retired since 2013 and thought I would keep busy playing golf.  I didn’t realize the 110 degree heat in Phoenix wouldn’t be that much fun to play in…hence our move to the 5300 ft elevation in Prescott.  

As you know, I did return to coaching runners in 2016 at Embry Riddle University but got tired of the covid B.S. and re-retired in 2020.  I helped out as a volunteer this summer and early fall at Embry Riddle again with pre-season training but they hired a full time assistant coach so I stepped down and am back on the links! 

I am learning to work on old cars, have a ’55 Ford and a ’28 Model A that I am “practicing on”.  Our son is a mechanic so he can fix anything I screw up!  Tami (Thompson ’78) and I also spend quite a bit of time at our cabin near the Grand Canyon as well as spoiling our two grandkids.

Life is good!  And, after 34 years working in the public sector, the best thing I can say about retirement is that you don’t have to be nice any more to people you can’t stand!!!


Don and Tami Rinehart