Dave Gerlits’ Howdies

Dave wanted to share three versions of his Howdy to show classmates three different ways to say “Howdy” to the other members of the class. You can email your written Howdy to your webmaster, leave a voicemail for your classmates at 319-975-1476, or send your webmaster a video to share.

Dave’s Video Howdy

Dave’s Voicemail Howdy

Dave Gerlits’ voicemail Howdy

Dave’s Written Howdy

After West High I went to the U of I where I got a bachelors degree in Physics and Chemistry. I joined the Nuclear Navy when I graduated college, and spent 6 years there serving as an officer on board a nuclear submarine. 

I left the Navy in 1982, and worked at a nuclear power plant in Plymouth MA for 22 years. During this time I married my wife Bobbi and we had two kids – Henry and Bessie. They are all grown up now and we have three grandsons: Isaiah, Tayne, and William.

I left the power plant in 2005 and worked for two big nuclear power plant vendors, doing safety and severe accident analysis work for Framatome (France) and Westinghouse. I retired last July and am loving the “life of leisure”.

Dave and Bobbi Gerlits enjoying the great outdoors in 2022