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Arnie and Julie’s Excellent Adventure

Hello Class of ’73,

Dave, I know you have been thanked numerous times for your dedication to maintaining this site, but thanks again. This is certainly a labor of love and I’m sure, a major PIA at times. At the same time keeping us informed on current class situations and up coming events is very important. Having this central location for these announcements is truly wards a big handshake from me and from other members of the class.

Julie and I recently returned from a long planned trip, America Bucket List Vacation. We had planned to do this last year, but for all the reasons we know, postponed until this summer. We left on July 4, the day after our 45 anniversary and returned six weeks later. Our trip was amazing.

Our first stop was the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We spent a few day there visiting distilleries, playing golf and sampling the local fare. The weather was perfect and the people friendly. For those that may have an interest, 2-3 days is probably enough. Then headed west, stopping over night in Topeka to visit the grave site of my dad and grandparents.

Denver was our next major stop. We went to Red Rocks for a concert. It is supposed to be the best natural amphitheater. Turned out to be the first concert they help wit full capacity. So cool being up in the mountain looking over parts of the city. If ever you have a chance to go there for a concert, take advantage of it, well worth the experience. We stayed in Leadville a few days later, mostly so I could play golf at the course there. It is supposed to be the highest altitude course in the country, maybe the world. Heading south to national parks was on the menu now.

We spent time in 12 national parks, with each one being unique and indescribable. You could take a million pictures and still not see or experience the the views you see live. Some of the parks you could just sit and look for hours, turn your head and see something new and even more interesting . People have asked what was your favorite? From a pure visual point of view Bryce Canyon. The colors, the mountains, the canyons, you have to be there to fully appreciate the beauty. Yellowstone had the most to offer, but by far the most busy. The most historic being Mesa Verde, where the ancient Native Americas built and lived is homes in the side of the canyons, amazing and hard to imagine.

Some friends suggested we stop in Cody, Wy for a night. They have a cowboy buffet dinner and a show, followed by a rodeo. It was a fun night on our way to the Black Hills. For those that have never experienced South Dakota. Mt Rushmore and a few surrounding things, Badlands, Wall Drug and The Worlds only Corn Palace. On to Iowa City.

My family had a reunion. Only two people from the clan did not make it, both being sick and advised by the rest of the family not to show up. It will probably the last time since the California family and the Florida families are just too far apart for such and event.

In the end we had traveled over 9300 miles, visited 12 national parks, a number of state parks, over night stays in 20 locations, traveled through 20 states Stopped by 4 different casinos, basically broke even, Then home. An unforgettable trip with only minor inconveniences.

We have now visited 46 of the 50 states, with only Vermont and New Hampshire in the continent missing. We plan to got there in a couple of years for a fall trip. With the 50th coming soon, I hope to see you all then

Arnie and Julie Moore

In Memory of Doris Lucille Barnes

Doris Lucille Barnes

Doris Lucille Barnes, 94, died Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at Mercy Hospital following a short illness.

Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 AM, Monday, July 19, 2021 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Iowa City, with Father Stephen Witt officiating. Visitation will be from 9 to 10 AM, Monday, prior to the Mass. Burial will be at Oak Hill Cemetery in Coralville. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to St. Mary’s Church or Iowa City Hospice.

Doris was born on May 24, 1927, in Oxford, the daughter of Robert and Helen (Klein) Meade. She was a graduate of Cosgrove High School, attended Mt. Mercy College and received an associate degree from Kirkwood Community College.

Doris married Albert L. Barnes, Sr. on January 27, 1946, in Clinton, Iowa. They resided in Oxford until 1960 when they moved to Coralville.

Doris was employed in data input at ACT, retiring in 2011. She was a member of St. Mary’s Church, the Iowa City Women’s Bowling League, and the Coralville American Legion Auxiliary.

Doris enjoyed knitting and time spent with her family. She was proud to reside in and be a part of the Coralville community. Doris recently rode in the Coralville July 4th parade.

Doris is survived by her six children, Al Barnes (Lori Schultz) of Sunrise Beach, MO, John (Marianne) Barnes of Swisher, Bonnie (Guy) McFarland of Iowa City, Jim (Jan) Barnes of Riverside, Deb (Bob) Rogers of Iowa City, and Kevin (Lisa) Barnes of Iowa City; 15 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren; her siblings, Thelma Kolar of Oxford, Jane Dostal of Grinnell, and Bob (Lee) Meade of Oxford.

Doris was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, 4 grandchildren, and her sister, Miriam.

C’mon Down to the Bluegrass Festival

Classmate Jackie (Dague) Nicholson (unofficial publicist for Paul and Julie Roberts) has some timely musical news for us:

The Kalona Bluegrass Festival at Windmill Ridge campground that Paul and Julie Roberts, and Bob and Christi Black organize and perform at, is  happening July 16, 17 and 18. It’s a really fun festival with lots of great music! 

We’re excited to share this with you, and to whet your appetite have shared their flyer with you. They have been doing this for 34 years!

Kalona Bluegrass Festival Flyer

Barb (Alderman) Acker’s West Side Story Memory

Hi Dave,

Barb Alderman Acker here. It is so much fun to hear about everyone! My memory of West Side Story, was how hard everyone worked to pull it off. I was personally so scared I can hardly remember any of it, except for one performance when the scaffolding moved quite dramatically as “Tony” was climbing up to visit Maria. 

Dave, thanks so much for for keeping us connected. All the best from Idaho!

Barb Acker

Mark Zanger’s “West Side Story” Memories

Yes, “West Side Story” was indeed a remarkably fun part of Mrs. Hadley’s class that year!

Yes, Tony was my part!  Mamma mia!  Such fond memories of Barb was Maria!  And Clayton!  And Laura!  And Tim!  And everyone of us!  It was so much fun!  I believe Becki Gilpin was our masterful director!

Thank you Mrs. Hadley!

An interesting anecdote:  I had the pleasant good fortune to run into the REAL Tony (actor Richard Beymer) here in Fairfield at Everybody’s, one of our local grocery stores.  He is a TMer and Sidha (practitioner of the TM-Sidhis including Yogic flying) and lives in the southeastern section of Fairfield.

At any rate, I mentioned to him that we had done “West Side Story” in school and more specifically that I had played Tony and he said, “Birth to earth…” and seemed to be waiting for my response.  I had none!  I eventually learned he was quoting from the movie script and waiting for me to say, “Womb to tomb!” In the movie, when Riff was referring to their relationship and said, “Birth to earth.” Tony replied, “Womb to tomb!”.  

Because I had no idea what he was trying to do, I imagine Richard must have doubted the truthfulness of my story about playing Tony!  Yet the truth of the matter, I have since realized, was that the script we received in 8th grade was edited for our grade level and they left out the “Birth to earth” and “Womb to tomb” lines!  I guess they considered “womb” and maybe even “tomb” to be a little too much for us youngsters!

At any rate, I never thought in a million years I would ever meet Richard Beymer, let alone have a meaningful exchange with him.  Yet it happened and has happened several times since.  In fact, he has even met my Mom!
And to share the whole TM experience with him?  I feel pretty lucky!

Ruth (Jurgens) Noth Update

Hey Dave –

Well, I’ve been on a whirlwind trip to Colorado Springs and back – 17 days by my Rav 4.  My son was rear ended last late October. He wasn’t feeling up to par and decided to continue some therapy with a chiropractor. After 4 months of seeing him and not feeling any better, and in fact worse, he requested an MRI. The doctor who was caring for him said OK.

Well, the MRI didn’t happen after nearly 40 days and Mike complained royally. The doctor basically said, well, 2 out of 3 problems fixed isn’t all that bad, just resume your normal activities and you’ll probably feel better.  Mike did, and on May 3 called me crying in pain, saying his left leg had collapsed under him, he was on the floor, dragging himself to the front door to unlock it so he could get to the ER somehow – by EMS/ambulance or a friend.  He said mom, you need to come out.

Mom and I packed our bags and off we went in my Rav 4 to Colorado. We arrived by noon on the 5th. Mike couldn’t walk at all on the left leg and was using crutches and was in a lot of pain and very disoriented. First thing I did was get his meds, put alarms in his phone for what he was to take when, how much and with or without food. 24 hours later he was a very different person already. I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure us being there was part of it, but he wasn’t taking good care of himself due to the amount of pain he was in.

I had picked up a deluxe air mattress on the way because I knew he didn’t own a bed, he sleeps in a hammock. Well, 18″ off the floor wasn’t good for mom at 86 and I had to gait belt her and get her to her feet each time she needed to get up for any reason, which was sometimes four times a night. That wasn’t working after several nights, including getting her up from his low couch, so I rented a firm recliner and a queen bed and a frame. That saved us both!

Long story short, a week later I had to take him to the ER and he ended up having emergency surgery – a discectomy, where they shave bone upper and lower and then trim the herniated disc. The procedure took 35 minutes, and the next day when I went to sit with him until released, when I got to the hospital, he was walking the hallway with a walker with the PT person. I stood there and cried. I never dreamed he would be walking by the time we had to leave.

He’s been unemployed since November, so I did a lot for him while there. Got him a different pair of crutches that works better for him and easier on his arm pits, a shower stool, an office chair since he couldn’t use his balance ball, a tall swivel chair with padded seat and back for sitting at the kitchen counter to prep foods or at the stove to cook, filled his freezer with meats and vegies, and cleaned his apartment and took care of him until he was good to be on his own. All he can’t do is laundry because of the bending. He’s got BLT regulations, no bending, lifting or twisting. His neighbor is taking his garbage out for him. He sees the surgeon Tuesday again, an attorney Wednesday for negligence with the chiropractor who told him to resume and never got the MRI, and another attorney Friday who was working his case from the person who rear ended him back in October. I’m just glad he’s walking and will get better with a lot of PT in his future, some for life.

Because of covid and many other things, we hadn’t seen him for 2 years and 4 months, so it was long overdue. He hated to see us leave, but yesterday he sent me a photo of a kitty – he got a kitty from the shelter and is feeling better mentally and emotionally. It’s very lovey dovey and he’s thrilled to own a cat again.  He makes rent and groceries refurbishing Wii machines which he can still do, thank goodness.

My mom celebrated her 87th birthday out there. God bless her – she did better than I expected, but has a long haul of getting some strength back now that we are home 17 days later. If anyone would have said I was going to Colorado at the end of a pandemic, I would have said they were crazy – if they said I was driving it I’d say they were nuts, and if they said I was taking my 87 year old mother with me, I’d call them insane. It sure challenged me in many ways but we made it and Mike is on the road to recovery.  Many blessings to be grateful for.
Feel free to post. I’m exhausted yet and just taking good care of myself this week until I get my senses back from it all. What a whirlwind!!!

Glad Isaiah has so much support – it’s so important.


In Memory of Matthew James Stasi

Matthew James Stasi
Matthew James Stasi

Matthew J. Stasi, 58 of Austin, Minnesota passed away on May 17, 2021 after a battle with cancer.

Matthew James Stasi was born on July 27, 1962, in Oelwein Iowa, the son of John and Norma Stasi. On June 30, 1984, Matt married Kristi Scott at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Iowa City, Iowa.

Matt earned his degree from the University of Iowa in Industrial Engineering and started his career with Hormel Foods in January 1985. He worked for Hormel 36 years as an Industrial Engineer, Manager, and then Director of the Industrial Engineering Department.

Matt was a member of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Austin.  He served on the parish council and he and Kristi participated in a pilgrimage to Italy in 2019. Matt was also a member of the YMCA where he loved to workout and served as a board member for 8+ years.

In addition, he was a member of the Austin Country Club where he spent many hours playing golf with his family and friends. Matt loved Hawkeye sports as well as the Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks. However, Matt’s true passion was pheasant hunting. He was introduced to pheasant hunting by his brother, John, and spent nearly every fall weekend since then hunting from dusk to dawn with a pit stop at Casey’s for pizza.

Matt is survived by his wife, Kristi; three children, Courtney (Zach) Lundquist, Jordan Stasi (fiancée Natalie Pascutoi), Lauren Stasi (fiancé Andrew Huff), and grandson, Haakon Lundquist; father, John Stasi; siblings, Mark (Renee) Stasi, John (Lori) Stasi, Ann (Stephen) Phillips, Amy (Bob) Forte, Jennifer (Dennis) Beaver, Jacqueline (Matt) Kienzle.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Norma Stasi, and father-in-law, Richard Scott.

Mass of Christian Burial was held at 1:00 p.m. Friday, May 21st at St. Augustine Catholic Church with Father James Steffes officiating.  Interment followed at Calvary Cemetery.  In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred to St. Augustine Catholic Church, Pheasants Forever, and the Austin YMCA

Greg Leichty Update


I do not remember who played what part so much, but I do remember that Doug Hetzler saved the day when someone forgot their one word line in the rapid exchange part of the dialogue.  He proceeded to rattle off the next six turns for everyone as a monologue-about 20 seconds worth and no one ever knew the difference!

On the personal side, May has been a month of important transitions to me, I am now fully retired from the University of Louisville after 30 years and I am now a Professor Emeritus.  Kathy and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary on 5/30.  We also had a second granddaughter-Lydia Elaine Doty who arrived on 5/13. 

Thank you for the news!

Greg Leichty

In Memory of David Hackmann

David Hackmann
David Hackmann

David Bruce Hackmann, 91, of Iowa City, went home to be with his Savior Friday, May 7, 2021. A memorial service will be held at Good News Bible Church, Iowa City, June 17, 2021 at 10:30 A.M. with fellowship to follow. Private burial will be held in Unity Cemetery in rural Iowa City.

David was born June 22, 1929 to Gustav and Carrie (Freiburghaus) Hackmann in West Union, Iowa. He grew up in Clermont and moved to Maywood, Illinois during the Depression. He graduated from Elmhurst College and Denver Seminary. On July 10, 1954, he married Barbara Jean Robinson. Following seminary, he worked for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as part of the Executive Committee (1958-68) while also pastoring in Minneapolis. He was recruited by NCS/Pearson, where he worked until being called back to the pastorate in 1971. He pastored Parkview Evangelical Free Church (then in Coralville). In 1973, he became the founding pastor of Good News Bible Church of Iowa City, serving from 1973-1997. He retired to Maine, where he built his own log house and continued to pastor various churches. He returned to Iowa City in 2014.

David and Barbara loved camping and traveling and visited 49 of the 50 states, and 19 foreign countries. He loved all things mechanical and technological and was an avid woodworker. Living in Maine, David became a rabid New England Patriots fan. However, his greatest passion was to share Jesus Christ with everyone he met.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his sister Rosemarie and two grandsons. He is survived by his wife Barbara, children Daniel Hackmann (Marion), Cynthia Johnston, Carol Arch (Chris), and Sara Arnold, 19 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.

Memorial gifts may be directed to the Good News Bible Church Building Fund or Samaritan’s Purse. To share a thought, memory or condolence with his family please visit the funeral home website @

In Memory of Dayle Martin

Dayle Martin

Vera “Dayle” Martin, age 94 formerly of Coralville and North Liberty died peacefully on March 4, 2021 at Rehabilitation Center of Hampton in Hampton, Iowa

Private family services are planned for May 3rd at 1pm with burial to take place at Memory Gardens Cemetery in Iowa City. These services may be viewed by family and friends through the livestreaming feature on the funeral home website at Dayle’s page under obituary. Donations in Dayle’s name can be made directly to MercyOne North Iowa Hospice, 232 2nd Street SE, Mason City IA 50401 To share a thought, memory or condolence with Dayle’s family please visit the funeral home website.

Vera Dayle Martin was born December 28, 1926, in Sweetland Township of Muscatine County, Iowa, the daughter of Joseph S. and Lois R. (Darting) Martin. Following graduation from Columbus Junction High School in 1945, Dayle attended nursing school in Grand Island Nebraska. Later she worked at the Sheaffer Pen Company in Mt. Pleasant.

After her marriage to Donald Martin in 1947 the growing family lived in Mt. Pleasant then later in Des Moines County. Following the birth of the 3 children, the family relocated to North Liberty where they constructed a home on West Cherry Street. In 1984 Donald, Dayle and daughter Jane moved to Coralville where they built a home on 18th Avenue. In 1987, Dayle retired from Procter & Gamble after 23 years.

After Dayle and Donald raised their children they enjoyed more time with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After retirement, Dayle volunteered at the Johnson County Senior Center for several years. She was a regular at the nearby recreation center in Coralville for swimming and exercises. Dayle was known as an avid flower and vegetable gardener. Likewise her expert cooking was a big attraction for family events she hosted.

Her mastery of complex board games and puzzles was legendary. Dayle revived her talents for arts and crafts. She completed and distributed a book of her lifetime of memories dedicated to her parents. Dayle was an out-going and energetic member of her community and active in her church. She was among a group of parents who successfully promoted educational services for Jane and other disabled children when none existed in Johnson County.

Increasingly, Dayle cared for her husband and daughter at home until Donald’s 2005 move to Lantern Park Care Center and Jane’s 2006 death. In 2008 Dayle moved nearby to independent living in Coralville. In 2011 she relocated to Hampton where she resided until her death.

Dayle is survived by her children, Dan Martin (Deb), Gaye Janssen (Rick), 5 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren and brother Bill Martin (Elaine).

Dayle was preceded in death by Donald, her husband of 63 years, her daughter Jane, 6 sisters and their spouses, 1 infant sister, 2 brothers and their spouses, her parents and one grandson-in-law