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Women of West 2014

Hi Dave!

Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger wrote:

Hi Dave!

You are welcome to share the photo I posted on FB of the WHS ladies in your Class of ’73 West High emails and post it to our online photo album.

Bonnie hosted a spa for us and Brenda brought some great Arbonne products for us to share and make us even more radiant than we already are! (LOL) It was fun to laugh, talk and share all those fabulous school memories.

Some of us have been together since Kindergarten, so some memories went WAY back!

Take care,


Women of West 2014

From left to right: Deb (Gardner) Persons, Brenda (Schrock) Bradley, Deb (Nortmann) Tyer, Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon, Sue (Davison) Haigh, Sue Hansen, Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger, Karen (Villhauer) Michalec, and Julie (Rogers) Stovall.

Gene Hartsock’s Interesting Stories

Dave, recently on the Iowa City Facebook 70s and 80s page, there were discussions about the Black Angel in the cemetery. During the 80s also a guy wrote 2 books about baseball, one became the Field of Dreams, one was the book below (click the link to see why Gene included the Black Angel)…

The 70’s&80’s facebook site had another interesting story…I have never heard about this. I didn’t know, also we had a Czech community…I knew many farmers out by Oxford, that my dad mentioned as bohemians…

Don Rinehart Update

Hi Dave:

Congrats on your job and house sale!!! Rarely do I send photos of myself for anything, but since I missed the reunion last year and I know classmates are just dying to see how much hair I don’t have any more, thought I would send these photos to you.

I “retired” from the band two years ago, but since really “retiring” from the Glendale Chamber of Commerce last fall, I now find myself back in the band business…same band…Phoenix’s Favorite 50’s Band…Come Back Buddy (they fired the guy that replaced me and coaxed me back). We are keeping busy several nights a week entertaining senior citizens who remember who Buddy Holly really was! So, I guess I didn’t really retire!

Don Rinehart Montage

We have a new grand daughter as of January 30 (our first) so have been practicing spoiling her rotten. Tami and I will be in the Quad Cities/Iowa City area May 16-23 for the All American National Hickory Golf Tournament and finishing up some of her family’s estate business. Hope to maybe see some classmates when in Iowa City.

Otherwise, all is well in sunny Arizona! No polar vortex here! 

D Rinehart

P.S.My grand daughter has already figured out that grandpa is full of –it!!!!