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Don Rinehart Update

Don Rinehart wrote (17 January 2017)

Dave, once again thank you for all you do in keeping this website going and updated. Great new look!
Just an update from the July posting regarding my cross country runners at Embry Riddle University. Great first season for the old coach! Our men’s and women’s teams both won our conference championship in Fresno, California and then went to the NAIA Nationals in St Louis in November. The men finished 20th and the women 27th in the nation with over 100 colleges and small universities competing. We also had our first All American in a young man that is only a sophomore.

I am just the assistant coach, but it was still thrilling to see our kids do so well against some of the best runners in the country! Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids will host the National Meet in 2018…if I am still around, it will be fun to bring the kids to Iowa.

People ask me what is like to coach a bunch of runners that are mostly aerospace engineering majors? I just smile and say, “ Imagine if the characters in the tv show ‘Big Bang Theory’ were a cross country team!” Really smart kids…but also great runners!

Tami (Thompson ’74) and I will be celebrating our 40 year wedding anniversary in May…seems like just yesterday (well maybe longer than that) we were dating at West High! I went back to West in December, to try and recruit a couple of their distance runners. Hadn’t been in the building since the night we graduated – 43 years. Other than a new wing or two, the main building is unchanged…incredible!

Family is well, Tami and I enjoying our new digs in Prescott, Arizona. Several of the people that live in on our street there are retired Hawkeyes! We still have our home in New River (Phoenix) but use it mostly in the winter months. Our granddaughter turns 3 the end of January…she is a sweetie. Moved my mom out of her house and into the Methwick retirement community in Cedar Rapids after Thanksgiving. I wanted to get her a t-shirt that said “I am a Meth-head”, but she didn’t think that was too funny for some reason? She is still going strong at 86 and terrorizing other drivers in Cedar Rapids!

Well, all for now. Plan to be in Iowa City in May to get my mom’s house on the market, maybe will run into some classmates then. Hope everyone has a great 2017!

Don Rinehart

Pat, Deb, and Becki

Becki (Gilpin) Milne wrote (13 Jan 2017):

Hi David,

Hope all is well with you and yours. Happy new year!

Here’s a picture taken of Pat, Deb and me today at a cafe in Fairfield. Deb and I drove down to visit friends and participate in an event in the Golden Dome on campus. We met Patrick for coffee this morning.

It was such a warm hearted visit, including Patrick reminiscing about his kindergarten crush on Deb Dee. Adorable!!!!


Patrick, Becki and Deb in Fairfield, IA

2016 Holiday Greetings from the Bryant Family

The Bryant family had another year of successes and adventures in 2016.  As usual, most of our news revolves around the boys.

Ben, now in his senior year in high school, is busily applying for colleges and scholarships.  He completed last winter’s wrestling season undefeated and decided to explore other sports this year.  So far, he has founded the high school’s Ultimate Frisbee team and is considering lacrosse or track for the spring.  His marching band season ended a few weeks ago but he will play sousaphone a couple more times for parades and tuba for concerts.  He’s also playing baritone (like a small tuba) with the school orchestra.  This fall, he participated in the county’s Science Bowl (he built two mouse trap-powered cars and also competed on the quiz and trebuchet teams).

Scouting continues to occupy a lot of Ben’s attention.  He backpacked for 10 days at Philmont Scout Ranch in NM for the second time over the summer and has become more involved with Venturing (a co-ed group for older scouts).  He is currently serving as the elected President of Venturing Crew 127.  His work running several National Youth Leadership Training camps and other service to scouting resulted in his being recognized with the Order of the Arrow’s Vigil Honor.  He is also about to receive his 2nd Silver Palm as an Eagle Scout.  Between all this and time with girlfriend Kelly, Ben manages to do very well in school.

Dave and Judy find it hard to believe that Sam is now 20.  We were pleased to see his interest in Masonry when he petitioned for membership in the lodge in Lancaster, PA.  Dave flew up to Pennsylvania in January to be present when Sam was raised as a Master Mason.  Sam’s participation in the Franklin and Marshall men’s Ultimate Frisbee team had a bit of a setback when he was felled by pneumonia just before spring break.  Over the course of spring semester, Sam decided that, as much as he liked F&M and had developed great friendships, it was too intolerant of varying viewpoints.   We discussed his dilemma, and he decided the time was right to transfer to the University of South Florida to continue studying political science for his junior and senior years.  He is living in a dorm-style apartment near campus and has already joined the USF men’s Ultimate Frisbee team and the Judo Club.  Having dedicated himself to healthier eating and fitness, Sam is strong and in great shape.

Sadly, over the summer we had to say goodbye to our lizard Saphira.  Because we adopted her nearly 10 years ago, we don’t know how old she was.  Luckily, Ranger lifts our spirits daily with his friendly personality and general antics.  He relishes the attention and treats he receives from a school crossing guard and two little girls on his morning walk, gets distracted by blowing leaves, loves afternoon frolics in the dog park where he gets to chase and be chased, and looks forward to occasional trips to the dog beach.  But his absolute favorite activity is rolling in any mud puddle he finds.  We have come to appreciate our tile floors even more for the easy clean-ups they afford.  What we did not appreciate was the emergency surgery Ranger needed after a sock he ate became lodged in his intestine.

Relative to all this excitement, Judy and Dave’s lives are pretty predictable.  Judy is in her 36th year teaching in the Psychology Department at USF and is now the senior faculty member in terms of longevity.  This year she stepped down from many years of departmental administration.  Once Ben graduates, she will probably miss her involvement with the high school, especially the Band Boosters.  Dave continues to train police officers (active and retired) on firearms and to conduct polygraph exams for a variety of clients.  Recent cases of note included clearing an accused drug trafficker and catching a child molester attempting to cheat, which will result in him going to prison for the next 5 years.  Dave is active with the local Sons of the American Revolution and still serves as a Boy Scout Unit Commissioner and on the District Eagle Board of Review.

Given everyone’s busy lives, we hardly had time for family trips this year.  Amazingly, we all had the same spring break week so we travelled to Arizona.  We enjoyed visits with Eva, Ruth, and David Vichules.  Sam and Ben took high performance driver training at the Bondurant Racing School.  (They trained with Challengers, Sam’s dream car which he got for his birthday.)  From there we enjoyed the cool weather, great views, and a bit of hiking in the Grand Canyon.  In July, we took an RV trip up to New York to see Dave’s mom before investigating West Point and Yale as potential colleges for Ben.

We wish you all the best for the holidays and coming year and look forward to hearing from you.