1997 Bulletin Board Postings

Rich Altmaier wrote (March 2, 1997)

It is hard to believe 24 years have nearly passed! Recently my wife, Paulette, 2 daughters, Elizabeth age 9 and Rachel age 6, took a vacation to India to visit my wife’s family. This was my 3rd visit, but the first since the children were born. We stayed mostly in New Delhi, but went to the Taj Mahal (“Dad, I’ve seen white buildings before”) and took an overnight train south into the state of Kerala. Kerala is in the tropics and was warm and green in December.

Visiting India always brings home how friendly the people are, and how resource poor also. Recently I have my eye on a sports car, but in India one cannot think of such things. Driving is not done for pleasure. It is a strain to get anywhere, on roads half asphalt and half dirt, no apparent traffic rules, terrible air pollution, too many cars belching exhaust, and every road crowded with pedestrians, animal drawn carts, and cars. It is a pleasure to relax and talk to people, but not to drive.

These Internet web pages are pretty interesting. I’m expecting the “killer ap” to be multi-player games. So far it is really useful to disseminate information, and play games. Anyone for a game of Warcraft II over KALI?

See you, Rich

Judy (Becker) Bryant wrote (January, 1997)

I’m now Judy Becker Bryant. I graduated from Yale, and came to the University of South Florida in Tampa after completing my PhD in Child Psychology in 1981 (can it be that long ago???). I love teaching and am getting used to Florida, still.

I met Dave, (a former cop, now a counselor in a diversion program for first time drug offenders, an inventor, and a self defense and judo instructor) who was a neighbor, in 1994. We got married in Iowa City in 1995. In August of 1996 we had our first child, Sam, who is a real joy to us (although he keeps me from spending as much time on the computer as I’d like sometimes!).

Keith Gormèzano wrote (November 29, 1997)

You can list my home address in the class directory:
501 N. 36th St. #330
Seattle, WA 98103-8653
(206) 789-8328
Permanent e-mail is still bb822@scn.org

Keith Gormèzano wrote (May 5, 1997)

Well, I finally have a job as the administrative assistant for the Seattle Chinese Garden Society. The group plans to raise 15 million to build a chinese garden near South Seattle Community College. I’m currently working 25 hours a week with a possibility of going to full time once the campaign gets underway.

New pager number is 206-671-0919. Home is still the same (206) 789-8328.

Greg Leichty wrote (February 25, 1997)

I finally made it through the tenure mill last year, here at U. of L. (University of Kentucky, Louisville). Once you get tenure, then they kill you with committees and committee work ARGH!

Holly Richardson wrote (May 18, 1997)

Wow! Has my life changed since we have e-mailed. I accepted a position at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). As you know they are admitting women for the first time in history in September. I have a faculty appointment as Associate Professor. They needed someone who knows women’s health and physical fitness/training/conditioning. It was a great match. They are similar to the Citadel-however, they have studied the problems of the Citadel and the assimilation of women.

The funniest thing is I have a military rank of Lt. Colonel!? My friends can’t get over it–I will have to learn to salute–that won’t be too hard. However, learning how to salute without giggling will be!? I will be wearing a uniform (I have already wondered if I could change it a bit!! ha ha!).

What do you think?? I am excited–I will be very challenged, but I look forward to it.

Holly Richardson wrote (March 21, 1997)

I am an Associate Professor in Kinesiology at the University of Maine and love what I do. I am very involved in my research looking at how women and girls respond to physical training (are you surprised??) Take care.

Nat Soper wrote (June 2, 1997)

I am a Professor of Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, doing General and Laparoscopic Surgery. Put me on the mailing list and keep in touch…Cheers!

Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (February 23, 1997)

…The class of 1973 at City High had called me and asked if would like to have a joint reunion with them. Let me know your thoughts on it all. I currently have a lot ties with West as my youngest son is a junior there. I have been around there quite a bit for the last seven years as my kids have gone to school at West. So I probably will have one more year and then be done with my parenting duties, HA HA. I stay in touch with several 1973 people. Many have returned to I.C. in the last year. Steve Riggan, Deb Gardner, Deb Rogers, John Waite, Linda Vedepo, and of course Brenda just to name a few.

Ben Van Zante wrote (via snail mail February 17, 1997)

I am sending, enclosed, what few 1973 WSS (West Side Story) papers I have left and some of our 1996-1997 papers. Hope you enjoy the changes.We have a web site but right now we are only running jpegs and a few items. We are waiting for Adobe to send PageMaker 6.5 so we can easily make the copy work on the web.As for the class—ask “Who was Dick Duck?” Only the journalism people will be able to answer…Good Luck,
Ben Van Zante