1998 Bulletin Board Postings

Barb Alderman wrote (September 1, 1998)

Things are good with me. For the last six years I have been working for an Accounting firm., which is so unlike me. They are all wonderful people, I never thought I would be sitting in front of a computer, dealing with numbers, but hey it’s a good change after doing pottery for 15 years. I’m officially a bookkeeper and secretary for six accountants which keeps be very busy.

I bought an old house is Hailey, which I have been fixing up over the last five years. It has been a lot of work, but I enjoy it. All I have left to do is the kitchen. I just finished building a studio, but instead of clay, I am now doing watercolors. My goal is to go part time next year and paint more. I don’t know if I can make a living at it yet, but give me a couple of years.

My favorite things to do besides paint, and gardening, hiking, skiing and snow shoeing. Sun Valley is 10 miles to the North of Hailey, so winter is a nice thing, and the valley I live in is beautiful.

Got to go now, but I will try to keep in touch.


Rich Altmaier wrote (April 2, 1998)

Hi Dave, this is Rich Altmaier. Just to let you know my email has changed to richalt AT pacbell.net. Actually I have changed jobs, leaving Silicon Graphics and joining Applied Materials.

See ya,


Deb (Barnes) Rogers wrote (February 2, 1998)

Still married to Bob Rogers (class of 72) we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! Still support West High with an all-state football player and a sophomore who is varsity soccer player. You can also contact me at Bonnie Weldon’s e-mail address. Janet Homewood’s mail can also come to this address as she is computer illiterate!

Katie (Collins) Bretz wrote (October 10, 1998)

As I type this, there are many of you on line for the virtual reunion. As we do not have a java based browser, I could not participate. It’s not for lack of trying though!

It has been a beautiful weekend here in West Des Moines. The girls and I are making medieval costumes for school and Halloween. Painting has also been on the agenda and garage cleaning.

September was a sad month for my family. My mother passed away from breast cancer. She was a wonderful woman and a great asset to the senior citizen community in Iowa City. We will miss her much.

My girls are very busy and so then am I. Hannah is still in the diving season. It is a nerve wracking sport for parents. She also sings in the Vocalese choir (jazz) at Valley HS. Hailey has finished with fall softball and has yet to start up with gymnastics. She is going a mile a minute as a 6th grader and reminds me a lot of myself.

I am very busy in the wallpapering and painting business. Special techniques with paint are very popular these days. I also belong to a book group which meets once a month and volunteer as a Talking Canvas spokesperson at Hailey’s elementary. Dave is always busy at Delavan but taking care of three acres keeps him busy on the weekends.

I hope to meet up with the Huey’s some day at Valley!

My best to all of you- Katie

Katie (Collins) Bretz wrote (August 18, 1998)

Hello All-

Twenty Five years later… Still much the same. My daughters are 11 and 15. These ages are a whole new thing in parenting. Some of it is great! Dave and I realize we will have to find some social life again after all the taxiing is over! Hannah (15) is a singer and a diver. Hailey (11) is a softball player, gymnast and a future cross country runner.

I have been doing several jobs over the years, travel director, wallpaper business and shuttle bus. We’ve recently taken up kayaking.

Dave works as chief engineer for Delavan designing parts for jet engines besides asst. coaching softball teams over the years.

I look forward to hearing from any of you at my e-mail address (on the email address page).


Barb (Crandall) Prosser wrote (November 30, 1998)

Just received a message a few hours ago, Billie (Bernell) Britton’s mom died this AM. if anyone would like to send her a card, please contact me (Prosser@avalon.net). I know she would appreciate it.

Barb (Crandall) Prosser wrote (November 21, 1998)

Hello to everyone, and thanks to Bonnie Weldon for getting me in touch with this site!

Bill Dane wrote (October 3, 1998)

For those interested, West beat City High, 18-0.

Bill Dane wrote (September 30, 1998)

We drove down to St. Louis Friday night and stayed at the Hampton Inn off I-70 in St. Charles, a suburb of St. Louis. Saturday, me, my son Dennis, my nephew Brian from Iowa City, and two young guys from church, Jim 22 & Kurt 21 (this was Jim’s first and second major league game) drove twenty minutes to the North Haney metro station, parked all day, for free. Then took the metro right to Busch Stadium. It was unbelievable. It had the electricity of the Rose Bowl. You could feel the crowds energy ready to bust loose when, not if, when Mark McGwire would take one out.

Every time he came up to bat, they played this loud music, the crowd would stand, no one was sitting, and they were cheering and clapping. If the pitcher throw a ball, the boos would be as loud as the cheers. Then…when the pitch came, and McGwire’s bat made contact, at that instant, the sound of a loud crack, you knew that ball had no change of staying in the field. IT WAS GONE!!!! The fans just ROARED!! Mark took his trot around the bases, and even a few of the Expo infielders were giving him a high five. Then after going into the dug out, with the crowd just roaring, clapping, cheering, shouting Mark, Mark, Mark, he’d come out, and when didn’t think the fans could get any louder, they did. It was unreal. T.V., radio, doesn’t come close to the “feel” of the moment(s). Five minutes after a home run, the crowd was still buzzing about what they just saw.

Then when I thought the crowd’s reaction on #’s 67,68,69, couldn’t be beat. #70 was totally unreal. When he came up to bat, that last time, it was like everybody KNEW he was going to get #70, it was just a matter of which pitch. The last one was epic. He launched the ball to the upper terrace in left field. I have been to the Rose Bowl, an indoor Arena Bowl Championship, and I have never heard fans cheer, clap, yell, react to one sports accomplishment, like this in my life. McGwire had to come out twice before the crowd settled down. It was great. Then when we left the stadium, people outside were offering $20.00 for our ticket stub(s) and up to $50.00 for our score card(s). NO SALE! I’m keeping mine forever.

Thinking back, while inside Busch, watching baseball history unfold, as for me, the outside world didn’t matter. I was totally absorbed in the game, and what Mark McGwire was doing. All I was thinking about, was baseball, and we were seeing somebody, as big or now bigger then Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, all of baseball wrapped into one man. For those two days, Mark McGwire, to me, was baseball, and what it was meant to be, and how the game was to be played, and enjoyed.

Bill Dane

Bill Dane wrote (April 14, 1998)

Sometimes it seems like yesterday when we graduated. I have not been to any reunions, but I might come to this one. A lot depends on my schedule. I am enjoying the success of out sports teams. My brother and two sisters graduated from City High. My brother tapes all the City games and wrestling meets for the fans and players. I like to rub it in when West beats City. I now have two children at Johnston High School. Both are Juniors. Dennis 18, and Ellen 17. They are both doing very well. My son has lettered in Cross Country, swimming and track since he was a freshman. My daughter was just voted into the National Honor Society.


Deb (Gardner) Persons wrote (October 10, 1998)

We joined the “modern world” last month and finally got internet. I’m still learning how to use it. Kim and I are still married. We moved back to Trojan country 4 winters ago with our 3 daughters. We are elated to be here. Our oldest daughter, Janey(14),just started at our old alma mater. Gwen (12) just started NW and Claire(9) is stuck all alone at the elementary school with no big sisters around. She got over that in 20 seconds. We bought a house on the same street where I spent many years growing up. Arnie and Julie, we live next door to the former O’Neill house.

During the last reunion I was working for some ritzy private school in Indiana as Food Service Director. Well boy does the pendulum swing… I have been working for almost 3 years now at a huge prison where I am an Inmate Work Supervisor in the Dietary Department. Talk about cultural immersion! I love my job and feel very protected wherever I go. Inside the walls, there are some great Correctional Officers and Staff who take security issues very seriously. It takes them less than 1 minute to get to the kitchen to help us if we need it. On the outside I have family members and friends who watch out for me. And if all else fails, God is on my side, too.

Kim is happy as a lark since he flushed his PhD plans down the toilet several years ago. He is teaching Math at a small town High School about 40 miles away from here. He did his student teaching at a boarding school in Kayenta, Arizona, on a huge Navajo Reservation. The Navajos have some beautiful concepts regarding time, respect, community.

This decade I am totally involved in community. I am always looking for ways to have more Coralville Pride. Pat Vaughn, this last summer I had the honor of sitting next to your sister on a “25th reunion” float for the Centennial Beauty Pageant a bunch of us Coralville girls were in long ago. It was very fun. We weren’t very good at throwing the candy at first. A couple of little boys got beaned in the head good by us. I got to have coffee at Bonnie Tappan Weldon’s house a few days ago. It was the high point of my week. She is like our class historian and it was so fun to reminisce with her. I hope she’ll let me do it again.

I hope our class can get it together to have a 30th reunion. I’ll help if you need me. I’ve seen other “old faces” around town that I have been very happy to run into. There are a few faces I am still looking for, but I’m afraid I don’t know what you look like anymore. It’s been like old home week since we’ve moved back. That’s all I have to say except, thank you David Gerlits for all of your hard work in setting up this fun web site.Deb

Dan Hackmann wrote (August 8, 1998)

I’ve been living in Germany on and off since ’93 and since July ’96 permanently. I started a Management Consulting firm in ’96, had a long term contract with a publishing company, and am now working with an ad agency called abConcept here in Remscheid. We do all sorts of ad work and my area here is web/multimedia and ISDN. Would have gotten back to you even sooner but we were taking a needed vacation in Switzerland in July.

I got remarried in ’95 to a German woman (Mücki) who I met in Konstanz, Germany while I was a visiting professor at the University of Konstanz in ’94. If you are wondering where Remscheid is, it’s about 30 km northeast of Cologne. Weather here is very mild in comparison to IC (like all of Germany) and we are very happy–though it rains here about as much as in Washington or Oregon. We’re about 5 1/2 hours from Switzerland, 2 1/2 hours from the ocean in Holland.

If you want to see what some of our work looks like, check out http://www.ab-concept.dehttp://www.edscha.com, or http://www.honsberg.com (last two have English versions).

I’ll send along a scan of a picture of me and our dog Tom from our vacation.

Take care.


Alan and Janelle (Gibson) Huey wrote (October 10, 1998)

Janelle and I have a new e-mail address. We are at jnahuey@earthlink.net. Good to hear from you all. Thanks a lot for the web page Dave.

Alan & Janelle (Gibson) Huey wrote (July 25, 1998)

Janelle and I are living in West Des Moines with three of our children. I got out of the Air Force a couple of years ago and am working for a food packaging manufacturer. Janelle is finishing up her elementary education degree at Upper Iowa.

Our oldest son, Nate, graduated from Carleton College in Minnesota this Spring and is working at a litigation consulting firm on Upper Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Peter is a sophomore engineering student at ISU. Lizabeth is a debater and junior at Valley High in WDM, and Meg is entering third grade at our neighborhood elementary school. She just won a gold medal at the Iowa Games in girls soccer.

Other than that, we’re doing the normal suburban routine. We’re in the book and we’d love to hear from anyone. Our address and e-mail are posted on the web site.

Becky (Irvin) Daniel wrote (October 10, 1998)

We’re still here!!!! And what a long strange trip its been in September. Our main event has been Sam’s (my son) attendance (or lack thereof) at City High. Seems there are some mighty powerful germs here in the Midwest and the poor boy from Back East (that’s what they call anything east of Ohio here) has caught every one of them. Flu symptoms, intestinal troubles, and a couple of persistent earaches have kept Sam laid low. It has really challenged him to keep up with school work as well as keep up his morale. Encouraging words are in order from those of you who may have some.

I have has been enjoying being reunited with family. My brother Robin was here tonight for the whole evening. We see my Grandma regularly. They had a picnic at the Rehab. Center last week. Big feed. Our 4-yr-old Kevin bobbed for apples…and won! Sam spent the time at the coloring contest booth even though he was too old to enter. My husband Dave colored some too…very soothing. Coloring is good therapy. Grandma seemed to enjoy the whole thing. She is still very present with us even though she has her spells. She enjoys good conversation and company and complains when she doesn’t get it. She woke Becky up with a 4 AM call a couple days ago. She got lonely and thought Becky would help. So it goes. Grandma will be 94 soon.

Kevin is being 4-5, and I am bearing up moderately well. I have always said, “Give me a teenager anytime…God spare me from 4-7-year-olds” He needs some friends to play with and we still haven’t found him any. He loves to go to church on Sundays to play with the kids in Sunday School. We go to the Unitarian Universalist Society here in Iowa City. Its a good church for the skeptical and anti-dogma crowd. A very open-minded group dedicated to reason and individual spiritual growth. (read that…you don’t have to be real sure WHAT you believe…just trying to figure it out!). Anyway…Kevin is fine, healthy and ornry.

Dave’s work is coming along at Northwestern Mutual Life. Its still a little scary starting a new (what kind?) business but things really are looking up. I work a few hours every afternoon in the office doing all that good clerical stuff. I can do those things faster than David. He sees the people. And I work for free!

Oct. 7

My son, Sam, decided to go back to PA to live on the farm with his Dad. However, his return was conditional on his father getting him back to I.C. for every Christmas and summer. I can live with that. It was just too hard on Sam to give up his buddies and school.

Daughter Lily is back to school at West Chester, PA. She says she has a lot of writing this semester and thanked me for making her take typing in high school. She hasn’t seen her grades from midterm yet. She says she’ll keep me posted. Hope you are all enjoying the fall colors.

Actually there are more fun and exciting things going on than I’m relating. Dave has joined the Chamber of Commerce and gotten involved there (to get networked, you know) looked at a service club called Sertoma (Service to Man) but the dues will prevent me from joining right away. Activities still abound in town…especially since the University is back in business for the fall.

The weather has been nice although cold and wet the past few days. No turning of the leaves yet…how about where you are? Overall the Great Adventure is paying off in fun and excitement.

Here’s wishing a warm and cozy autumn season for everyone.

Becky and Dave Daniel

Becky (Irvin) Daniel wrote (June 18, 1998)

I’ve recently moved back to Iowa. I’m disappointed there won’t be a reunion this year. If anyone wants to try to put together a picnic get together this year I would be happy to help out. I would be interested to hear from anyone and everyone from our class.

Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger wrote (December 20, 1998)

One tiny piece of news from me — after 25 years, I FINALLY got my college degree. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mount Mercy College — major Public Relations, minor in Psychology, and an emphasis in art. I’m working as a designer and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger wrote (July 25, 1998)

This has been a real kick reading notes from all of you. Thought I’d join in, too. In 1995 I returned to college fulltime and will graduate this December from Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids with my bachelors in public relations, a minor in psychology, and an emphasis in art.

My husband, Ron, and I own a general contracting firm in Marion (need a house built??? call us at 373-2047). Both my kids are in college — my daughter is an interpreter for the deaf and majoring in social work at UNI, and my son is in electronics engineering at Kirkwood. Also have 2 step daughters — one in 2nd grade and the other in 7th.

I currently work in public relations while in school as well as some free-lancing graphics. Would love to keep in touch with all of you and will check this site regularly.

You may email me at Doxies7879@aol.com — I’d like that! Sue Davison-Haigh sent me the article about this web-site. Looking forward to whatever you guys plan for reunions. Keep me posted

Arnie Moore wrote (October 8, 1998)

For those that are interested this is the address of my school.


In the near future one of my classes will taking on the task of updating and adding to this . We also have a new e-mail address jamoore54@earthlink.net

Arnie Moore wrote (May 23, 1998)

Julie (O’Neill from the class of ’74 ) and I have now been married for 22 years. We still live in Ft Lauderdale and for the most part like it. Our neighborhood is very family oriented and our neighbors are great. Ben our oldest son is now a sophomore at the high school that I teach at. He is ranked 40th in his class of over 1000. School is very easy for him and he is a truly gifted student. He also has been in karate for 7 years and has earned a Black Belt in his discipline. He is currently thinking about going into engineering.

Quin our youngest is in third grade and does well also. He is a lot different than Ben and has an interest in sports. I have coached his little league team for the past four years . We have finished as high as third out of 26 teams. He is currently getting ready for summer basketball leagues.

Julie works in the ER at a near by hospital. She likes doing that for all the variety and without the bedside patient care. I teach math and computers at a nearby high school. We have about 3600 students and are still growing. When you hear about classrooms being crowded, that’s us. It is just hard to imagine how many kids we have and how little space we put them into.

Jim Murphy wrote (December 9, 1998)

I’ve been working at the University of Iowa for the last 11 years and in the Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery for the past 9 years. My main job consists of keeping track of medical records, x-rays, and other patient related duties including some processing and billing of insurance forms, insurance and attorney letters. I also do mail delivery and some upkeep on xerox machines, you might call me a jack of all trades. In my spare time I work in my wood shop, rebuild old pump organs, and take care of my acreage, which includes six cats, one dog and two goats. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but you know how some times after a while it all becomes routine.

Rich Newell wrote (March 31, 1998)

I’m with a startup company, Aptix, that makes a hardware/software product for prototyping/emulating an electronic system at high speeds, using programmable logic and programmable interconnect chips. We also offer services, for those of our customers that desire help with this aspect of their project. I am a consulting engineer in our services group. I travel quite a bit, but luckily many of our customers are right here in the Silicon Valley. My current project is going to be part of Japan’s next generation digital High Definition Television (HDTV).

Our customers read like a who’s who of electronics. Many major IC companies are our customers, and I think that every company that is a major player in cellular telephones is using our system to try out their circuits before they build the final production version. If you have a cell phone, Aptix was likely used in its development! We are working hard to make the company successful so we can go public. Check out our web page (www.aptix.com), and look for the audio compact disk modem demo: that is my design running on our product.

I’m single with no kids. I own a home in Walnut Creek (CA), and commute to San Jose, or wherever the job takes me. Before Aptix (last 2 years), I worked 15 years designing inertial guidance systems at BEI Systron Donner (Concord, CA), 4 years designing aircraft autopilots at Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA), and 2 years working on 2-way FM radios at Motorola (Schaumburg, IL). I got my BSEE at Iowa in 1976. I have around a dozen US patents.

Sheila (Potter) Cole wrote (December 20, 1998)

Since I last wrote I was promoted to Financial Controller at my company and my husband Hugh started working there as a Computer Technical last July. My oldest son KJ even worked there over the summer as a telemarketer. They were beginning to wonder if the Cole family was going to take over the company!

Last weekend we had a touch of the midwest here in Phoenix, it snowed! Quite a sight in the desert. Put people in the holiday mood since the week before the temperatures were in the high 70’s.

Anyway, to all West High Alums – Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad from the Southwest!

Sheila (Potter) Cole

Sheila (Potter) Cole wrote (March 27, 1998)

I signed in on the Guestbook, but after looking at the bulletin board decided I’d fill in a few more gaps. The Web page looks great! If you ever need a webmaster editor’s tool check out HTML PowerTools at www.tali.com (just getting a plug for a product that my company has sold, also check out SiteBoss).  Anyway you can guess that I work for a computer company, Better On-line Solutions. We’re and R & D company that produced 5250 emulation software and hardware for midrange to PC connection. I’ve been there 1 1/2 yrs in customer service and sales, but recently dropped the customer service for accounting and sales of our PC only products. I am pursuing a degree at Paradise Valley Community College in business. I am going part time so it will be awhile before I graduate.

I’ve landed in the “Old West” and been here 18 years. Randy Kral and I moved here in ’80, we were divorced in ’84 and I remarried later that year. My husband is Hugh Cole, an almost Arizona native. We have 3 sons, Kelly (KJ) Kral, age 19. He was admiring the work on the Class of ’73 Home Page and the West High Home Page. He area of study in school is in Graphic Arts and Computer Animation. He has his own home page at www.angelfire.com/az/keipage. It’s a work in progress but is looking very good. Nathan Cole, age 19 is my step-son who lives with us. Nathan is interested in joining the military and pursuing a career in electronics or airplane mechanics. Kassidy Kral, age 15 is “our baby”. Kass is a Sophomore at North Canyon High School (my son’s go to North, I went to West, and my husband went to a North, what’s with all these directions!) Anyway Kass is interested in the Fine Arts. He is an accomplished guitarist, in the Drama and Speech Clubs, and takes dance. He hopes to win an Oscar or Grammy one day.

Our family interests include: Hiking, camping, boating ( we have a 22 ft cuddy cabin), sports (Go Suns and Coyotes!), academic pursuits and computers! We are a busy group. Our house is like Grand Central Station with 3 teenagers and all their friends gathering here. I enjoyed reading the bulletin board. I haven’t been back to Iowa City for 8 years. West High has really grown since ’73, wish we had an 850 seat auditorium for the chorus concerts back then!

Let me know about the 25th reunion, I’d like to try to make it back for it. So now that I’m found, I’ll try to not get lost again, write me, anybody!



Don Rinehart wrote (September 9, 1998)

Thanks to Dave for designing this web site! Tami (Thompson ’74) and I have been married for 21 years. Two kids, Christopher (10) and Nicole (8) and two miserable cats.

Moved to Phoenix (Glendale) Arizona in March of ’98 where I am the CEO (big deal) of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

This is hopefully our last stop on the work train as we came her for the weather and lifestyle. Six months and we have become official “Zonies” (native Arizonans), no intentions of moving anywhere near snow!

Tami is a stay at home artist and part time teacher. She hopes to corner the jewelry market with the Sun City crowd.

Chris is an avid golfer and Nicole a swimmer. Me, I like a good cigar and a rum and coke in my spare time. Jimmy Buffet in the desert. Email us at wscdon1@aol.com

Brenda (Schrock) Bradley wrote (January 1, 1998)

My husband, Jim, and I moved back to Iowa City with our two kids, Jessica (17) and Adam (13) about 12 years ago. Jim and I both worked at the U of I for many years, however, I quit the University in September. I am now a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals and have been working very hard to establish myself in a new career. We also built a new house this year and moved in June. My daughter is a Junior at City High (sorry!) and my son is in the 7th grade at Southeast. Kids and a new job keep us all very busy.

Brenda (Schrock) Bradley wrote (June 27, 1998)

Bonnie Tappan Weldon and I are volunteering to plan a reunion. I have just sent Dave Gerlits some information for planning a 26th reunion. He will post it on our home page and I would like to urge everyone to provide us with feedback. We’re willing to get a committee together, but would like to establish the level of interest.

Now for my family update. I recently (Fall of 97) quit my job at the University to go into real estate. I am still concerned about having a job with no paycheck and no benefits, but am confident I will achieve SUCCESS! So far this year I have sold eleven houses, several are yet to close so I guess technically, they aren’t sold. If you remember Mike Paul (72), he recently joined Coldwell Banker in January as well. We have lots of fun at work.

My husband, Jim Bradley (City High 73) is very supportive. He constantly has to hold down the home front, now that I am rarely at home. Son, Adam, is entering the 8th grade. He’s 13, what more can I say, he’s trying to establish himself as his own boss. He’s very lovable. Jessica is 17 and a senior at City High. We just said goodbye to her this morning for two weeks. She left for a two week tour of Europe with the City High Orchestra.

Don’t forget to read all about the class reunion, and keep visiting the site for updates!


Edith (Sieg) Lyerly wrote (April 14, 1998)

The site is great. I’m glad you let me know about it. Here is a picture of me now. I had fun looking at the pictures on your Web page. Here’s mine, taken with a Sony Digital camera, pointed at myself, uploaded and voila! Feel free to add it to the page. By the way the red nose is from spending the day out kayaking.

I’m still into sports, my favorite right now is Flying Trapeze. I even joined (not ran away with) the circus.

Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (November 21, 1998)

West won the state championship in football. Of course, the Weldon family was there. Larry does the team taping and our oldest son Eric is the Director of football operations and helps coach the kicker. It was a very exciting game against DM Dowling. But we did it. It was so nice for the guys and the school.


Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (November 16, 1998) West is in the finals for the football playoffs. If we win on Friday, we win another state championship. Love those Trojans. Of course, I will be there as Larry tapes the game for the West coaches and our son Eric is the manager and kicking coach. Go West!!!!

Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (July 3, 1998)

This week has been horrible. We had a tornado come through and we got hit very badly. We received a lot of property damage (patio, fence, 22 trees, barn, sheds) that were blown away. My moms house next door is unlivable. My brother on the other side of me lost his garage, camper, kitchen and rec room. It was incredible.

Deb Rogers also lost her place, livestock and barn. Since we both live on family farms, we are emotionally upset too. After four days of no water or electric, mine came on last night. YEA!! I also cut my knee cap open to the bone and now have many stitches in it. I ran into a rusty plow while surveying damage. It is a mess.

Thought you might want to post this….if anyone in the IC area would like to help Deb, let me know. I am now off to the store as I can buy food. We lost all our food after the third day. Mother nature can be incredibly cruel. Talk to you soon.



Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (June 20, 1998)

Just thought I would let you know a couple of updates on classmates. I got together with Tracy Hirt the other night when he was in town. He is still in SD teaching and coaching. He has three children and is still married to Faye. We had a good time talking about OLD TIMES.

I also got a call from Becky (Irvin) Daniel. She is back in Iowa City after many years. I gave her the web site address also. I also see Karen Villhauer and she is doing good too. Deb Rogers and I survived the graduations and parties of our sons who recently graduated from West.

The sports scene at West has been very good. We came in ninth in the state with boys track. Our son (Matt) won state in the 400 low hurdles. We are very proud of him. He also received the honor of player of the year at West. Coach Gary Hollingsworth (Holly)….remember him????….got coach of the year for track. It has been a good year for West. Well, until later.

Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (April 5, 1998) Thought I would let everyone know that there are three teachers retiring next month. They are Dale Dye, Don Leaman, and Rod Lanaghan. Between all three of them, there is 90 years of teaching experience. I am thankful that they all stayed around and actually taught both of my sons at West. It is neat that Matt and Eric (my sons) were taught drivers ed by Rod and so was I. Oh, well!


Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (March 22, 1998)

Just thought I would pass along to everyone that the boys basketball team from West won state last night (March 21st). They did an excellent job and it is the first time since 1977, that a West team has brought home the state championship. We are very proud of all the guys on the team. It feels so good to be the champs in this town!!!!!

Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (February 23, 1998)

I wanted to let everyone know that if they wanted to donate money to a baseball field that West is trying to raise money for, to let me know. It doesn’t have to be much…whatever anyone could give. It would be nice to have the class of 1973 mentioned as a class that had donated. I would be willing to collect the money and give it to West from us. They have a deadline of March 15th. This came up fairly suddenly and they have some money already donated but could use more. Our class name would be on a permanent display somewhere by the field. We would like to have the field available for this coming season.

Bonnie (Tappan) Weldon wrote (January 1, 1998)

Hey everybody! Happy New Year!!!!

Still in Iowa City and keeping very busy. I am still married to Larry almost 24 years this Feb. E-mail anytime. I would be glad to hear from anybody from “73.

Just thought some of you might be interested in knowing how West is doing. We now have a wonderful lighted football field as of two years ago. It is very nice to finally have our own field. I get to see many of our teachers still at West as our youngest son is a senior there. We have spent a lot of time at West over the last few years. Our oldest son graduated four years ago from West too. We had a wonderful football year with a 9-0 record until the playoffs. We lost the first game of the year and unfortunately did not get to go to state. My son was player of the year and on first team all state. We were very proud of him and all the guys on the team. They did a great job. Thank god for Deb Barnes Rogers. We got through the season (and last five years of football) half way sane. There is also a new auditorium. It is really nice.

So, West has changed quite a bit. Somehow, you walk through the halls and it comes right back to you. I will keep you updated as we go. My husband and I have a business which we started up five years ago and it is going very well. We do customer service work for business owners and evaluate their employees to give them feedback on how we were treated as customers (mystery shopping). So, we work 7 days a week. It is worth it though in the end. I see Brenda Schrock, Steve Riggan and Karen Villhauer a lot. I also ran into Nancy Masbruch and Sue Davison last week. It is always nice to see people you haven’t seen for awhile.

See ya later.

Pat Vaughan wrote (December 24, 1998)


I am planning a visit back to Coralville in the summer of 1999. Perhaps around the 4th of July. I am now the Creative Director for AXN – Action TV which is up-linked out of Singapore and received all over ASIA. It’s challenging and fun. But I miss the change of seasons and the familiarity of my environment. Right now, I am celebrating Christmas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with some friends of mine from New Zealand. After brunch we’ll sun bathe by the pool, and then later go for a drive through the rubber plantations.

Actually, Malaysia is mostly Muslim, and this is the month of Ramadan, so not many people are out. Most are at home or at the Mosque fasting and praying. See what I mean about not being in familiar surroundings.

In 1999, I’ve decided to start my first book. A non fiction with the working title “What I know up to now, and what I’ll never know.” A small venture – less than 100 pages. But a start on to what I hope becomes a prolific writing career. I’ll have it finished by July.

I will have a computer at home by the end of January, and I will be able to communicate with you more often.

I often reminisce about the fun and trials of life at West High. Most are fond memories and some a little sad when I think about how I’ve not stayed connected with many of you.

If you have a chance write.

Take care


Pat Vaughan wrote (March 23, 1998)

Hello fellow Trojans. I haven’t been able to attend any of the reunions due to my many untimely commitments. in ’83 I was acting in a play in New York City and could get away. In ’93 I was swamped with TV work in Tokyo Japan. I didn’t know until this moment that we are going to have a 25 year reunion. I hope I can join this one.

I am now living in Singapore and working with a Sony Television channel called AXN Action TV. I’m the Creative Director and Head of On-air promotions. I started in August ’97. Previously, I was in Hong Kong at a Rupert Murdock channel called Star TV heading up the promotions for Star TV Japan. And prior to that I was a TV producer and teacher in Japan. That began in ’91. Prior to that I lived in the Transcendental Meditation community of Fairfield, IA for over six years. I did come up to IC once in a while to visit my folks but I only saw a few of you once in a while.

Before that I worked in theatre in Boston, Providence and New York.

I’m not married, nor have ever been. I do have a smart beautiful Singaporean girl friend who actually found this site for me! He Chinese name is Yi Ling although she prefers to be called Elaine.

I just bought a Harley-Davidson for insensible transportation and to fulfill my high school dream — twenty five years later! Oh well. Please write if you have a chance and let my Mom know I’m thinking of her if you happen to run into her at the A&P.


PS Coralville people: especially let me know what is happening in that incredible example of suburbia.

Pat Vaughan wrote (February 28, 1998)

How are you? I’m a creative director a satellite TV channel called AXN, owned by SONY. I live in the glorious Singapore and love it here. I’ve been in ASIA for over six years. Japan, Hong Kong are some of the places I’ve lived. Where are you? Got any e-mail addresses of our classmates? (I told him about this web site). Becky Gilpin and Mark Zanger are the only people I’ve kept in touch with at all.

Any way I hope to hear from you. I hope all is well.

Mark Zanger wrote (November 18, 1998)

Life is bliss. I am That. Thou art That. All this is That. There is nothing else but That. That alone is! And, rock and roll will never die!

All the Best Y’all!