2004 Bulletin Board Postings

Karl Belgum wrote (August 16, 2004)

Got your email, and am happy to provide some additional facts.

I moved to San Francisco in 1985 after practicing law in NY for a few years. In 1994 I got married and left SF for the Marin County suburbs, where we still live. We have two kids, age 6 and 4. Fun around here consists of watching the kids grow up and sailing on the bay. My folks still live in Iowa City so I get back there fairly frequently, usually at Christmas time and sometimes in the summer as well.

Hope all is well with my fellow classmates, and you are all enjoying life.

Keith Gormèzano wrote (July 31, 2004)

Keith Gormèzano http://profiles.yahoo.com/keithgormezano has been appointed as an arbitrator with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

(PRWEB) July 10, 2004 — Keith Gormèzano has been appointed an arbitrator with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and also completed chairperson training with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in order to serve as chair of three member arbitration panels. He previously was Operations and Office Manager of Stuart Silk Architects of Wallingford.

Gormèzano previously co-founded the Fremont Chamber of Commerce while serving as a VISTA volunteer with the Fremont Public Association, has served as an arbitrator with the Better Business Bureau, Ford Motor Company, Puget Sound Multiple Listing Service and was Vice-Chair of an Appeals Board for the Selective Service System.

Gormèzano has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and completed two years at Seattle University Law School. He lives in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood and has hosted events for the Lox of Friends Social Group for Jewish Singles in the Seattle area who are 40+ with or without children http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lox-of-friends and the Young Leadership Division of the Seattle Jewish Federation http://www.jewishinseattle.org/JF/About/Yld/Yld.asp.

Keith Gormèzano
6561 Phinney Ave N. #217
Seattle, WA 98103-5255
(206) 789-8328
(206) 350-2347 Fax
mailto:bb822 AT scn.org

Karen (Villhauer) Michalec wrote (July 19, 2004)

Dave – don’t know why my e-mail bounced back but my address has not changed. I am still working at Grant Wood Area Education Agency as the Communications Dept. Secretary. I have been at GWAEA for almost 18 years!

I also have a career as a Mary Kay Consultant. This has been a great opportunity for me to supplement my income since I have been divorced for 11 years. I leave this week for Dallas for our annual Seminar. I am now in the process of winning a car…the Pontiac Vibe. My goal is to have my car by Christmas…quite a nice gift for me and my girls. Anyone out there that wants a facial, make-over or wants to learn how they can win a car…just let me know. I am having a ball!!

My girls are Angela, 18, just graduated from Cedar Rapids Washington and will be starting at Kirkwood Community College in the fall. Angela is a lot of fun…we are more than mother and daughter, we are truly good friends!  Julia is 11 and will be in 6th grade at McKinley Middle School this fall. She is full of spunk and is the most stubborn kid I know (this is where my gray hair is coming from).  My mom says “paybacks are hell”…thanks Mom.

At our 30th class reunion I ‘re-met’ Mike Russell. It took us a while to actually hook up and go out but we have now been going out for the past 5 months. We are having a great time together.

Well, that is about it for me. Be sure to add me back to your e-mail list and thanks for keeping all of us up-to-date. Take care-


Karen Michalec, Secretary
Communications Dept.
Grant Wood AEA4401 Sixth St SW
Cedar Rapids IA 52404
(319) 399-6415
Fax (319) 399-6457

Becki (Gilpin) Milne wrote (July 11, 2004)

Hi David,

Thanks for the info about the class website. Sounds like you’ve put a lot into it to make it a welcoming place for those who visit there. You may add my email address to the list.

A quick update on my family is, I have one daughter, Kenna in university here and another daughter, Tess, going into grade 9, as they say in Canada. My husband, Bruce, works for the Alberta government as a senior manager in the department of health.

I practice Chinese medicine and acupuncture from a clinic I have in my home. It is very fulfilling work and has allowed me to continue my focus on my favorite job, being a mom, as well as my desire to help others with their healing and spiritual growth.

All the best to you and your family!

With warm regards,


Rebecca Milne R.Ac.
Registered Acupuncturist
14323 47 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6H 0B9

Dave Gerlits wrote (May 22, 2004)


As many of you know this past year has been a very difficult one for me and my family. In April 2003, at the age of 18, my daughter Bessie was diagnosed with a mental illness. From March 2003 to March 2004 she had a total of 18 hospitalizations.

She is finally doing much better and has managed to stay out of the hospital for 7 weeks, which is a record for her. It has been a long year, but we seem to be finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel quite strongly that her improvement is linked not just to the right mix of medications, but also the fact that she is now residing in a young adult group home.

Bessie has not lived at home since August. She entered her freshman year at Simmons College and lasted only 3 weeks before she was admitted once again to the hospital. This time it was Beth Israel Hospital and she spent 2 weeks there before she was transferred to McLean Hospital where she stayed for an additional 6 weeks. As she was still not stable enough to come home In November she was promised a bed in Millbury House, a young adult group home in Millbury, MA. The bed was not available yet so she spent 4 1/2 months in a respite facility in Hopedale. The environment was not very good for her and during her stay there she had 4 more hospitalizations.

She finally was able to move to Millbury House this past March and has been doing wonderful! Just as I suspected she needed a particular environment in order to be able to heal, gain additional coping strategies, and begin the process of accepting and managing her illness.

I can’t say enough about the staff at Millbury House. The program at Millbury House has helped Bessie get her life back. Right now she is working towards taking a college class this summer at one of the area colleges. She plans on taking more classes there in the fall in the hopes that she will be able to return to Simmons College in either January 2005 or September 2005.

Millbury House is a DMH (Department of Mental Health) facility in Millbury, Massachusetts. It is run by an organization called Alternatives. The house can hold up to 8 residents, and has staffing 24/7. It provides services to young adults from the age of 18 to about 28. Bessie at 19 is the youngest resident. She lives with four young men and one young woman. Two more women will be entering the house within the next few weeks. The staff is all young, probably no older than 34 or so. So, when the whole house decides to go to the movies it just looks like a bunch of friends hanging out together.

Thanks for all of your understanding during this difficult time for our family. Your consideration and understanding has been greatly appreciated.

It looks as though Bessie is moving forward now instead of two steps forward and one and a half steps back. I’m elated!


Margaret Eginton wrote (January 5, 2004)

Hi Dave,and happy new year!

Yes, I am Meg Eginton from West High.I live now in Sarasota, Fl, where I am an Associate Prof. in theatre for Florida State and the Asolo Actors conservatory.

I came here after five years teaching and directing at Harvard. I began teaching full time after the birth of my son, Robbie Eginton, in 1994. Before that I was, first, dancing in NYC and Europe, and acting in New York– though I have also been teaching young actors since 1986. I was surprised to hear that Judy Becker is near by, and will try to contact her. I spend as much time in Iowa City as I can, usually in the summer– and while there do movement therapy with people suffering from chronic pain and disease. My dream is to return to Iowa– if not Iowa City then somewhere else nearly as beautiful.

My address is below (we are moving at the end of the spring so the work address is probably best).



Margaret Eginton MFA, RMT
Associate Professor
Florida State University/Asolo
Acting Conservatory
5555 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida