2004 Get Togethers

Tracy Hirt came back to Iowa City in June, and got together with Kevin Kelly, Dave Kacena and Bonnie Weldon, and Brenda Bradley.

Here are the pictures that Bonnie’s husband Larry took.  It looks like they had a great time!


Another small Get Together was held at on Sunday, September 26, 2004 at Morgan’s Food and Spirits, the bar inside the Sheraton Iowa City.

Dave Gerlits was back in Iowa City with his wife Bobbi for Dave’s parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Bonnie got a few classmates together for an evening of warm friendship and sharing.  The attendees were: Dave Gerlits and his wife Bobbi, Bonnie Weldon, Brenda Bradley, Kim and Deb (Gardner) Persons, and Nancy (Masbruch) Olinger and her husband Ron.

We took a few pictures, which you can see below.