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The 2022 Kalona Bluegrass Festival

Our classmate Jackie (Dague) Nicholson attended the 2022 Kalona Bluegrass Festival, and shared quite a few videos of our beloved troubadour and banjoist Paul Roberts. Paul performed with the groups The McPunk Brothers, The Great Bluegrass Herons, and Banjoy.

Paul with The McPunk Brothers

The McPunk Brothers include Paul on Banjo, Keith Yoder on Mandolin and Guitar (Paul’s cousin), Daryl Yoder on Bass (Paul’s cousin and Keith’s brother), Mark Wilson (married to Paul’s cousin Janet Lackender Wilson).

Wade in the Water

Paul with The Great Bluegrass Herons

The Great Bluegrass Herons include Paul Roberts on banjo, Julie Roberts (Paul’s wife) on bass fiddle, Mark Wilson (on guitar) and Janet (Lackender) Wilson (vocals) from the West High Class of 1972.

Life is Like a Mountain Railway
Let the Light Shine Down on Me

Paul and The Great Bluegrass Herons playing songs Paul wrote

Cabin by the Roadside
Light on the Western Horizon
Moth and Rust

Paul Playing with Banjoy

Banjoy includes Paul Roberts on bass fiddle, Bob Black on banjo, Christi Black on guitar, Mark Wilson on guitar, and Tom Schaefer on fiddle.

Paul with Banjoy
Paul Swingin’ the Bass with Banjoy
Paul Singing with Banjoy
Banjoy: Instrumental Song
Banjoy: Home Sweet Home (There’s no place like home)

Sue Hansen Surgery

Classmate Sue Hansen shared this update with us. Please hold Sue in your thoughts in whatever way is right for you.

I have some news that I’ve shared with family and some friends.  Many of you know I’ve had a challenging year, losing my mom then my brother unexpectedly.  I’ve also had several other family deaths.  In May,  when my brother died,  I had a severe UTI that took many days to clear enough to further test. My great doctor further tested with a CT scan,  referring me to specialists in Iowa City.  After having a MRI and other tests, I learned I have a barely functioning kidney complicated by a mass on top. Is it cancer? We don’t know yet  

So this week on Tuesday I’ll have a Covid test, followed by removal of my kidney and mass on Wednesday July 27th at 12:30 PM. It’s a four hour surgery,  1 night in the hospital and no lifting for a month. My sister and I  have been working hard to finish  both estates prior to my surgery. I  doubt if that will happen but at least most of the lifting and hard work will be done. Please keep me in your thoughts as I  go through another challenge. Thank you and much love❤

Judy and Craig and David and Neptune

Judy (Becker) Bryant shared four pictures of her visit to two of the many spectacular sites in Florence Italy.

Judy invites us to step into her time machine during this visit, showing us photos of her visits in 2022 and in 1964, when she was just a wee lassie. Her photo of the Fountain of Neptune from 1964 includes her brother Craig (Class of ’74), then an even wee-er laddie. (You can find Craig and Judy peeking over the word “Neptune” in the caption).


Judy (Becker) Bryant and Dave Bryant in Europe


We enjoyed unusually great weather for our week in London and survived the transport strike with no issues. In addition to seeing the Tower of London and marching bands at Buckingham Palace, we attended a choral service at St James Cathedral, had dinner with a college friend at a posh club on Pall Mall, took a boat on the Thames, and had other adventures.

A short visit to Paris included the Louvre and a boat ride on the Seine. In Switzerland we stayed in Montreux on Lake Geneva and Zermatt with clear views of the Matterhorn. Arrived in Florence yesterday afternoon. Faculty and students have orientation today and classes begin tomorrow.


John Kaelber 3 Day Golf Reunion

Thought I’d share a photo with you taken recently on a 3-day golf weekend/reunion spent at Eagle Ridge in Galena, Illinois, with West High graduates, two from class of “73” and three from “72”. Care to make any guesses to identities?

Four of us grew up together, living in the same neighborhood, since grade school at Lincoln elementary, and have been able to stay in touch all these years. So, from left to right…Dave Fomon, John Phelan, Chad Dore, Mike Paul, and myself. We rented a large house on the golf course, had a great time eating, drinking, and laughing until our sides ached about the “Old Days”. 

Ok, feel I’m starting to ramble on so I’ll wrap this up by saying have a great retirement, stay healthy, and enjoy every minute of it.


J. Kaelber

Judy (Becker) Bryant’s Summer Adventure

Classmate Judy (Becker) Bryant shared some exciting news about her plans with her husband Dave Bryant for the summer.

Dave and I head out June 14 for Europe, returning Aug 5. A week in London, a few days in Paris and Switzerland, and then on to Florence where I’m teaching in a University of South Florida (USF) Summer Abroad program. USF bought my airplane ticket, puts us up in an apartment, pays a meal allowance and even pays my summer salary.

I’m feeling anxious since I haven’t finished preparing the class which will cram 15 weeks of material into 6 weeks. Plus I have no information about the arrangement of my classroom, available technology, etc. Dave keeps assuring me that I’m a pro and can adapt! My class is M-Th so we’ll have long weekends to explore.

I asked Judy if the rest of us can “tag along” on her adventure, and she agreed to share her adventure with us as long as we “gently remind her occasionally” during her trip.

We wish Judy and Dave all the best on their journey, and we know Judy will do a great job with her classroom duties.

A Bluegrass Bonanza

Classmate Jackie (Dague) Nicholson has brought us all great joy this week, doing her “honorary press agent” thing for classmate Paul Roberts, our class’s Bluegrass Troubadour.

Paul will be appearing in the Sharon Center Bluegrass Festival on June 26, the Kalona Bluegrass Festival on July 22-24, and the Backbone Bluegrass Festival July 29 -31. See the gallery below for details.

  • Sharon Center Bluegrass Festival 2022
  • Kalona Bluegrass Festival 2022
  • Backbone Bluegrass Festival Flyer
  • Backbone Bluegrass Festival Schedule

Paul will appear in all of them as a member of The McPunk Brothers, The Great Bluegrass Herons, and Banjoy.

If you are in Eastern Iowa this summer, be sure and check out these events. You won’t be disappointed!

In Memory of Mike ‘‘Hans’’ Hansen

Mike “Hans” Hansen
Mike “Hans” Hansen

Mike “Hans” Hansen, 70, passed away unexpectedly at his home on Thursday, May 12, 2022. 

Born October 18, 1951, in Iowa City, the son of Bud and Berniece “BC” Hansen, Mike lived and worked in Iowa City his entire life. He attended City High School his sophomore and junior years where he was a member of the Little Hawk Marching Band and when school boundaries changed, he became a proud West High Trojan in the school’s first graduating class of 1969. His class was very close, and his female classmates lovingly nicknamed him “Bubbles” and the guys called him “Hans” which stuck as reflected on his license plate, “Hans 1”. Mike played basketball for West and after high school he was a regular at the scoreboard table at home games. He played slow pitch softball in Coralville for the Time Out Coaches Corner and the Sports Column and wore #1 as the team pitcher. He attended the University of Iowa and was a loyal Hawkeye fan and an avid follower of football, baseball, and men and women’s basketball. 

Mike was a coach at heart. He loved kids of all ages and enjoyed coaching little league baseball for his nephews with his brother-in-law, Phil. He was an assistant coach of 9th grade junior high boys basketball and coached a westside AAU traveling basketball team, the Sun Devils, who won the state championship in 1973-75. Those kids now adults, remained close with Mike and have lasting memories to cherish with their former coach. 

Mike served as Administrator / Secretary of the Iowa City Moose Lodge from 1982-1993, later moving to a job where he spent the majority of his working career in pricing at Plumbers Supply in Iowa City. Before fully retiring, Mike worked at Dodge Street Tire until 2020.  

He was a longtime member of Iowa City Moose Lodge #1096 and deeply committed in his service to several lodge committees. Mike was named District Moose Legionnaire of the Year in 1995. He received his Moose Fellowship Degree in 1996 and earned his gold jacket and Pilgrim Degree in 2003. He was District 2 President from 2000-2002 where he was recognized as District President of the Year. Mike was most proud of his leadership in the Lodge Ritual Staff from 1999-2009 where he competed in 9 State, 10 Midwest regional, and 11 International competitions. He placed 1st individually in 9 State competitions, was a part of eight team championships, and was named outstanding Ritualist in 2003, 2006, and 2007. His other individual and team awards are too numerous to mention. 

Mike is survived by his sisters, Sue Hansen (Tom Van Coillie) of Fairfield and Soni Harney of Iowa City; nephews, Brock Harney (Heather) of La Crosse, WI and Drew Harney (Sarah) of Tiffin; great nieces and nephews, Nora, Conor, Jack and Cole Harney; several aunts, an uncle and cousins. 

His parents and grandparents, his brother-in-law, Phil Harney and several aunts and uncles preceded him in death. 

Don Rinehart Update

Hi Dave :

Just a note from sunny Arizona!  

I had a chance to connect up with Coach Gary Hollingsworth in a few weeks ago at the appropriately named “Hollingsworth Relays” track meet at West High.  He is now 80 years old and still looks like he could beat anyone in a 400 meter race, plus he hasn’t aged a bit!

He is still active as an official at University of Iowa and West High cross country and track meets.  He was also recently inducted into the Iowa High School Track and Field Hall of Fame.  I was able to visit with his son Matt, also a West High graduate, and his grandchildren, who are attending the University of Colorado.

Coach “Holly” has been one of the most influential figures in my life and it was great to see him again.

Our daughter (31) and family have recently moved form Phoenix to Helena, Montana.  A little farther to see the grand kids, but beautiful part of the country.  Son Chris (34) is still in Phoenix and working on cars, RVs, and motorcycles.  Tami (Thompson ’74) and I are just getting older!

Nothing else new.  Hi to all and, of course, thanks again to you for keeping us all connected! 

Don and Tami Rinehart

Dewey, AZ

Gene Hartsock Retirement Update


In two weeks, on April 30th, I will be retiring from the shoe repair (cobbling) business. I began in the summer of 1969 and am ending in the spring of 2022 – about 53 years.

I decided I had better retire while I can still pull my own boots on! We also downsized to an apartment in a suburb of St. Paul, Maplewood MN.

About 10 years ago, I had inquired to RedWing shoes about buying Rogers’s Shoe Repair in Iowa City and bring my machinery down. They said I had to become a full time RedWing dealer to restart his business.

Well, I sold most of my machinery to a shop in Marion, IA, so maybe I can visit my machinery on the way to the next reunion (or not). It’s a big job moving our household and closing my shop in the same month. Hopefully we will find everything we packed to move into our apartment by the time to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary.

Dave, if you will, please share the link to the article that was published about me closing. By the way, the writer of the article is from a small town south of Mason City, and she wrote the first article about me starting my business, same paper.

A Shoe Story: Gene’s Hartland Shoe & Repair to close after 33 years fixing shoes in the Midway

This video was posted by a fellow cobbler who was visiting shops across America. You will need access to Facebook in order to view it.