Jackie (Dague) Nicholson Update

My son, Caleb was married at the Heidel Haus on Green Lake in Wisconsin in August!

Caleb got ready for his wedding in our hotel room. We ordered subs for all the groomsmen and they were all hanging out before the service having refreshments. I helped Caleb with his cufflinks, suspenders and tie (always a Mom!).

I was taking pictures and I took this random shot of my three sons – Caleb, Ben and Jake, and there is an orb in it!!! (very clearly right above Jake’s hands – none of the other photos had any orbs in them) You can say it is dust or the camera lens was dirty, or whatever… but I just got a new camera and the rooms were clean. I truly believe that this is my Dad’s spirit caught on film! We are all made up of energy, and that energy never goes away even after we leave our physical bodies. Dad was probably wanting to have a beer with my boys! This is a “God Wink” reassuring me that our loved ones who have passed are always with us, watching over us and protecting us, loving us.