Judy (Becker) Bryant’s Summer Adventure

Classmate Judy (Becker) Bryant shared some exciting news about her plans with her husband Dave Bryant for the summer.

Dave and I head out June 14 for Europe, returning Aug 5. A week in London, a few days in Paris and Switzerland, and then on to Florence where I’m teaching in a University of South Florida (USF) Summer Abroad program. USF bought my airplane ticket, puts us up in an apartment, pays a meal allowance and even pays my summer salary.

I’m feeling anxious since I haven’t finished preparing the class which will cram 15 weeks of material into 6 weeks. Plus I have no information about the arrangement of my classroom, available technology, etc. Dave keeps assuring me that I’m a pro and can adapt! My class is M-Th so we’ll have long weekends to explore.

I asked Judy if the rest of us can “tag along” on her adventure, and she agreed to share her adventure with us as long as we “gently remind her occasionally” during her trip.

We wish Judy and Dave all the best on their journey, and we know Judy will do a great job with her classroom duties.