A Bluegrass Bonanza

Classmate Jackie (Dague) Nicholson has brought us all great joy this week, doing her “honorary press agent” thing for classmate Paul Roberts, our class’s Bluegrass Troubadour.

Paul will be appearing in the Sharon Center Bluegrass Festival on June 26, the Kalona Bluegrass Festival on July 22-24, and the Backbone Bluegrass Festival July 29 -31. See the gallery below for details.

  • Sharon Center Bluegrass Festival 2022
  • Kalona Bluegrass Festival 2022
  • Backbone Bluegrass Festival Flyer
  • Backbone Bluegrass Festival Schedule

Paul will appear in all of them as a member of The McPunk Brothers, The Great Bluegrass Herons, and Banjoy.

If you are in Eastern Iowa this summer, be sure and check out these events. You won’t be disappointed!