49 Held Within – a Song by Mark Zanger

49 Held Within

held within this world appearance 
caught within the lines that bind us
my being shines through it 
my being stays sunlit
though the world in which we live
goes on, and on, and on, and on
still our love shines on through it all 
our love shines on 
even though the darkness seems heavy 
love still shines on 
though illusion is so strong dear 
know the truth beyond illusion
know the truth beyond this world
and save your light dear
your light dear  
your being
your love dear
your being 
held within this world appearance 
caught within the lines that bind us
my being shines through it
my being stays sunlit
stays sunlit
stays sunlit

Island Boy – a Song by Mark Zanger

Here’s Mark’s latest creation. Lyrics are below. Enjoy!

Island Boy

I was born on an Island, used to hang out at the beach every day
I was born on an Island, we used to play at the beach every day

Get hot, jump in the water, 
Cool down, lie in the sun  (repeats)

Then came a time when my world fell apart, tuning in and turning on, gave me a start, 
Read the Gita, read Vasistha,  chasing the light, 
Realizing bliss eternal, hey you know it feels all right 

I’ll never go back

Get hot, jump in the water, 
Cool down, lie in the sun  (repeats)

Judy and Dave’s Excellent Adventures

Judy (Becker) Bryant shared her reflections on her summer in Europe with us.

As classmates may recall, I taught a 6-week summer course as part of my university’s Study Abroad program in Florence, Italy. We added two weeks on the front end to visit London, Paris, and a couple places in Switzerland.

Sharp-eyed viewers will note that I’m wearing the same shirt in several photos. We packed light with one shared suitcase, so I wore a few outfits in rotation and washed clothes frequently. Nonetheless, we managed to bring home exotic pastas (e.g., some dyed black with squid ink) and bottles of limoncello for our sons.

We had the opportunity to take weekend trips to Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, Venice, and Seina. But mostly we explored some of the amazing museums, cathedrals/churches, and markets of Florence, despite record temperatures.

Favorite museums? The Archaeological Museum and the Galileo Museum. Favorite gelato flavors? Lavender and fig. Favorite meals? Pizza, various dishes with octopus, and pizza. Favorite religious items: shrines to Mary on almost every street and reliquaries in almost every church. Food was remarkably cheap and the produce was flavorful. Trains (including bullet trains) were easy to book and afforded views of fields of sunflowers, terraces with grapes and olives, mountains, and villages with Roman walls and homes in earth tones. Needless to say, we took a huge number of photos. 

Arnie and Julie’s Excellent Adventure

Hello Class of ’73,

Dave, I know you have been thanked numerous times for your dedication to maintaining this site, but thanks again. This is certainly a labor of love and I’m sure, a major PIA at times. At the same time keeping us informed on current class situations and up coming events is very important. Having this central location for these announcements is truly wards a big handshake from me and from other members of the class.

Julie and I recently returned from a long planned trip, America Bucket List Vacation. We had planned to do this last year, but for all the reasons we know, postponed until this summer. We left on July 4, the day after our 45 anniversary and returned six weeks later. Our trip was amazing.

Our first stop was the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We spent a few day there visiting distilleries, playing golf and sampling the local fare. The weather was perfect and the people friendly. For those that may have an interest, 2-3 days is probably enough. Then headed west, stopping over night in Topeka to visit the grave site of my dad and grandparents.

Denver was our next major stop. We went to Red Rocks for a concert. It is supposed to be the best natural amphitheater. Turned out to be the first concert they help wit full capacity. So cool being up in the mountain looking over parts of the city. If ever you have a chance to go there for a concert, take advantage of it, well worth the experience. We stayed in Leadville a few days later, mostly so I could play golf at the course there. It is supposed to be the highest altitude course in the country, maybe the world. Heading south to national parks was on the menu now.

We spent time in 12 national parks, with each one being unique and indescribable. You could take a million pictures and still not see or experience the the views you see live. Some of the parks you could just sit and look for hours, turn your head and see something new and even more interesting . People have asked what was your favorite? From a pure visual point of view Bryce Canyon. The colors, the mountains, the canyons, you have to be there to fully appreciate the beauty. Yellowstone had the most to offer, but by far the most busy. The most historic being Mesa Verde, where the ancient Native Americas built and lived is homes in the side of the canyons, amazing and hard to imagine.

Some friends suggested we stop in Cody, Wy for a night. They have a cowboy buffet dinner and a show, followed by a rodeo. It was a fun night on our way to the Black Hills. For those that have never experienced South Dakota. Mt Rushmore and a few surrounding things, Badlands, Wall Drug and The Worlds only Corn Palace. On to Iowa City.

My family had a reunion. Only two people from the clan did not make it, both being sick and advised by the rest of the family not to show up. It will probably the last time since the California family and the Florida families are just too far apart for such and event.

In the end we had traveled over 9300 miles, visited 12 national parks, a number of state parks, over night stays in 20 locations, traveled through 20 states Stopped by 4 different casinos, basically broke even, Then home. An unforgettable trip with only minor inconveniences.

We have now visited 46 of the 50 states, with only Vermont and New Hampshire in the continent missing. We plan to got there in a couple of years for a fall trip. With the 50th coming soon, I hope to see you all then

Arnie and Julie Moore

Mark Zanger’s “West Side Story” Memories

Yes, “West Side Story” was indeed a remarkably fun part of Mrs. Hadley’s class that year!

Yes, Tony was my part!  Mamma mia!  Such fond memories of Barb was Maria!  And Clayton!  And Laura!  And Tim!  And everyone of us!  It was so much fun!  I believe Becki Gilpin was our masterful director!

Thank you Mrs. Hadley!

An interesting anecdote:  I had the pleasant good fortune to run into the REAL Tony (actor Richard Beymer) here in Fairfield at Everybody’s, one of our local grocery stores.  He is a TMer and Sidha (practitioner of the TM-Sidhis including Yogic flying) and lives in the southeastern section of Fairfield.

At any rate, I mentioned to him that we had done “West Side Story” in school and more specifically that I had played Tony and he said, “Birth to earth…” and seemed to be waiting for my response.  I had none!  I eventually learned he was quoting from the movie script and waiting for me to say, “Womb to tomb!” In the movie, when Riff was referring to their relationship and said, “Birth to earth.” Tony replied, “Womb to tomb!”.  

Because I had no idea what he was trying to do, I imagine Richard must have doubted the truthfulness of my story about playing Tony!  Yet the truth of the matter, I have since realized, was that the script we received in 8th grade was edited for our grade level and they left out the “Birth to earth” and “Womb to tomb” lines!  I guess they considered “womb” and maybe even “tomb” to be a little too much for us youngsters!

At any rate, I never thought in a million years I would ever meet Richard Beymer, let alone have a meaningful exchange with him.  Yet it happened and has happened several times since.  In fact, he has even met my Mom!
And to share the whole TM experience with him?  I feel pretty lucky!