Barb (Alderman) Acker’s West Side Story Memory

Hi Dave,

Barb Alderman Acker here. It is so much fun to hear about everyone! My memory of West Side Story, was how hard everyone worked to pull it off. I was personally so scared I can hardly remember any of it, except for one performance when the scaffolding moved quite dramatically as “Tony” was climbing up to visit Maria. 

Dave, thanks so much for for keeping us connected. All the best from Idaho!

Barb Acker

Greg Leichty Update


I do not remember who played what part so much, but I do remember that Doug Hetzler saved the day when someone forgot their one word line in the rapid exchange part of the dialogue.  He proceeded to rattle off the next six turns for everyone as a monologue-about 20 seconds worth and no one ever knew the difference!

On the personal side, May has been a month of important transitions to me, I am now fully retired from the University of Louisville after 30 years and I am now a Professor Emeritus.  Kathy and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary on 5/30.  We also had a second granddaughter-Lydia Elaine Doty who arrived on 5/13. 

Thank you for the news!

Greg Leichty

Another Memory from the Huey-Gibson Archives


Alan and Janelle Huey shared another treasure from their West Hi memorabilia. Here’s what Alan told us:

It was part of the West Side Story.  I’m guessing they put out a sort of parody like the Daily Iowan used to do.  Don’t know if you recall, but The Daily Iowan put out a satire edition once in a while, and they ran a story about the Pope blessing Iowa from a jet as he passed over on a US visit.  The Iowa City Associated Press writer, read it, and re-wrote it as an AP article.  The Des Moines Register picked it up and it also appeared there, as serious news.   But all that is conjecture on my part. 

Kong Goes West
Kong Goes West

I’ll get the storage box back out at my earliest opportunity.  It’s on a shelf in the garage, and I have to move two cars and get out the ladder to get to it.

The Huey-Gibson Archives
The Huey-Gibson Archives

In Memory of Dale Dye

Dale LeRoy Dye, 82, went home to be with the Lord on February 2, 2019.

Dale was born in Blair, Kansas, the son of Kenneth and Anna Mary (Peterson) Dye. He attended elementary school in Missouri and after moving to Cedar Falls with his parents, he attended junior high and high school at the Cedar Falls Campus School. He received a BA from Iowa State Teachers College in 1958. On October 17, 1958, he married Betty Bradshaw at Hagerman Baptist Church in Waterloo. He took a teaching position with the Waverly-Shellrock School System where he taught high school biology and was the assistant wrestling coach.

After eight years, he returned to State College of Iowa and received his MA. He then took a teaching position with the Iowa City School system where he taught biology at City High for one year while West High was under construction. He moved to West High and taught biology for 30 years and was the assistant wrestling coach. He retired in 1998, after 39 years of teaching.

Dale became an Eagle Scout in 1950, and he served in the Navy Reserves from 1954-1962. Dale also loved to watch college and high school sports. Wrestling, football and basketball were his favorites. And he was an avid Hawkeye fan.

Dale was active with youth groups in the church and would load his car with kids taking them to Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. He also started a city-wide youth group called Iowa City Christian Youth (ICCY). Although he was quiet about his faith, he loved his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and had a deep concern for others.

Dale is survived by his wife Betty, son Dalyn (Liz), daughters Bobette (Lang) and Tiffany (Doug), five grandsons, one great-granddaughter, and many nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents and infant daughter, Steffany.